Serving ministries by sharing our expertise

Introducing the CPS Speakers Bureau

Your go-to for professional speakers on topics that matter to your ministries.

As your dedicated LCMS ministry partner, we’re often asked to speak with your teams, and we’re happy to share our expertise! From leadership, partnerships and crisis management to understanding employee benefits, HR trends and strong communication – members of the CPS team are at your service. What topic is on your agenda?

How does CPS Speakers Bureau work?

A complimentary service for ministries who offer our plans, the CPS Speakers Bureau was created to make professional speakers available to LCMS ministries and to support church workers. Review our list of presentations and determine which speaker will meet your needs, then submit this form. It’s that simple!

request a speaker

Please note:

  • We appreciate receiving requests at least four months in advance of the event date; however, we will try to accommodate less lead time.
  • Presentations are typically one hour, including time for Q&A, but we are flexible. We will work with you to meet your needs.
  • If you don’t see the topic you’re looking for or need a topic slightly customized to meet your needs, email [email protected], and we’ll reach out to discuss your request.

This new program is just one of the ways we are walking together as your ministry partner to help support LCMS leaders and those proclaiming the Good News. We look forward to working with you!

Please note: Submitting a request does not guarantee a speaker assignment. Our goal is always to meet the needs of LCMS ministries. If your original request cannot be met, we may suggest an alternate date, an alternate speaker on the same topic or a move from an in-person to a virtual presentation.