Speakers Bureau: Brian Page – on importance of workplace retirement solutions


Magnetic pull: How to use the attraction of retirement benefits to recruit and retain workers

Workers are attracted to retirement benefits and capitalizing on this attraction can enhance your recruitment and retention efforts. In this interactive and engaging session, we’ll uncover best practices for integrating the CRP pension and CRSP 403(b) plans into your comprehensive recruitment and retention strategy. Additionally, you’ll get a closer look at the CPS retirement plans and gain insights into confidently talking about them. You will laugh, learn and leave excited about using retirement benefits for retaining and recruiting talent.


Understanding the value of the pension and how to talk about it with your workers

Pension plans can be a bit confusing. That’s unfortunate because there is great value in the CRP pension. In fact, retirement benefits have been linked to lower stress, higher productivity and higher job satisfaction – not to mention a financially secure future. That makes the value of the CRP pension worth understanding and communicating to your workers. This presentation will provide insights for effectively talking about the pension (and 403(b) plan) with your workers.


Advantage - Concordia Retirement Plan! Why the CRP pension is strong, stable and good for LCMS ministries and workers

Pensions are often misunderstood, tagged with a bad rap and frequently classified as “obsolete.” In this session, we will not only reveal the reality of pension plans and the strength of the CRP, but also unveil the reasons why the CRP pension is good for the LCMS community. And when paired with the Concordia Retirement Savings Plan 403(b), it helps position both ministries and workers with the best odds of success. During this engaging session you’ll unlock a deeper appreciation for the CRP pension and how it benefits both ministries and workers.

Brian Page

Brian Page, QKC, QPA, AIF®, CPFA™
Retirement Solutions Consultant

Brian Page brings to Concordia Plans more than 20 years of retirement plan industry experience. During his career he has developed a deep understanding of best practices and effective strategies for achieving worker and employer goals. He is excited to use this experience within the LCMS culture of “caring for workers” to position ministries and workers with the best odds of success. Prior to joining Concordia Plans, Brian managed the retirement plan team for a national investment advisory firm and the consulting team for a recordkeeper. He holds the following industry credentials: Qualified 401(k) Consultant (QKC), Qualified Pension Administrator (QPA), Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®) and Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor (CPFA™).