Saving with the CRSP 403(b)

Plan now for a secure retirement

You probably have a vision of your retirement —visiting grandkids, gardening, traveling or continuing His service in a new role. You can help make your dreams a reality!

Saving for your retirement is key, and we can help you do that with the Concordia Retirement Savings Plan 403(b). It works together with your Concordia Retirement Plan pension benefits and Social Security to provide you with the income you’ll need in retirement.

  • It's simple. Your savings amount is automatically deducted from your paycheck. You don’t have to lift a finger to save. Start saving today.
  • It's flexible. Don't be worried about being locked into a savings rate. You can change or update your savings amount any time simply by completing a new form.
  • It's your choice. Learn about the tax advantages of saving on a pre-tax and/or Roth after-tax basis, and then choose which option best fits your financial situation. Remember there are additional tax advantages for Ministers of Religion. Watch a video or read this flyer to learn more.
  • It's not expensive. Don't be fooled – no matter who you're investing with, you're being charged fees. The CRSP 403(b) has low fees to help increase how much of the money you save goes toward your retirement. Plus, our investment funds have some of the lowest fees available. 
  • It's professionally managed. You don't even have to select your funds. You’ll automatically be enrolled in the ProManage PROgram™, which provides professional investment allocation for a small fee. You don't even have to select your funds. Taking in to account your age, pension and social security benefits, they invest your funds to help you be better prepared for retirement. Read this flyer to learn more about ProManage.

Concerned about the financial markets?

Check out our “Dozen Principles for Remaining Calm During Stock Market Fluctuations” for tactics on how to remain calm and handle the downs (and ups) of the markets. 

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Roll funds into the CRSP

If you have money in another retirement savings account, you may be able to roll those funds into your CRSP 403(b) account to take advantage of the low fees and diverse investment options.

Contact Fidelity at 800-343-0860 for more information.

Learn more about rollovers

All savings, no matter the amount, accumulates over time. So start saving or increase your saving amount today!

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IRS Savings Limits

The IRS places annual limits on how much you can save in tax-advantaged retirement savings plans. This is a cumulative limit for all retirement plans including the CRSP 403(b) and other employer sponsored plans. This limit does not apply to individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

For 2024 the limits are:

- $23,000 if you’re under age 50, or
- $30,500 if you are age 50 or older.

These limits can change each year and are generally announced in October for the following year. For more information visit


CRSP 403(b) resources

It can be hard to start saving and choose how much to save. We have several resources to help you figure out the right savings plan for you.

Don't raid your CRSP piggybank!

When your service with the LCMS ends, just because you can move your money, doesn’t mean you should. You have the ability to leave your money in your CRSP 403(b) account so you can continue to take advantage of the low fees and diverse fund line up.

Why stay in the CRSP 403(b)


An online tool, available through the Member Portal, to plan for retirement.

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Financial Wellness Educators

One of our Educators can walk you through the benefits of saving and help you develop a savings plan.

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