Serving Ministries in 2021

Hot off the presses is the Concordia Plans 2021 Ministry Report, outlining how "Ask. Listen. Act." guide us as we serve ministries and care for workers so that the Word of God spreads.

CPS 2021 Ministry Report
Welcome to Your Benefits 2021
Let’s play, “Get to know your 2022 benefits!”

You made the right move by choosing your 2022 benefits. So don’t find yourself scrabbling… um… scrambling to only begin learning about your benefits when it’s time to use them.

Check out the wellness solutions that’ll help make your life, particularly your physical and financial health, a whole lot better! Because you may not have a clue which health and financial wellness solution is right for you, you can use the Health Connector and Financial Navigator to help you figure it out.

Taking this opportunity to discover the many health and financial benefits you have is not a trivial pursuit.

So join the game and get to know your benefits. You won’t be sorry.

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Grand Rounds Health Navigation
It’s easier to navigate your health with Included Health

The old way may be more comfortable but trying a new way could make your life a whole lot easier.

Try a new, more convenient way to get quality care for your health care needs, like getting answers to medical questions, setting appointments and requesting second opinions about diagnoses. Included Health makes navigating your health care easy!

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