Speakers Bureau: Kelly Menke – on emotional and physical wellness


Practice, Prepare, Protect: Discovering the value in living a healthy lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle can feel overwhelming at times. We know it’s important to eat right, exercise, reduce stress, etc., but where do we begin? Is it necessary to do all the things, all the time? This presentation will help answer these questions, as well as simplify the process – providing tools and resources available for several areas of wellness. Together, we’ll discover there IS value in living a healthy lifestyle so we can be well and serve well.


Caring for your mental health

Emotional well-being plays an integral role in our overall health. Can you recognize the signs of stress or a mental health challenge? This presentation will help you recognize warning signs, learn about self-care and be equipped with coping strategies. We’ll cover helpful ways you can respond and provide support for others as well.


Wellness at work 

Our busy lives can easily lead us to making decisions that are less than ideal for our health. How do we weave wellness into our daily lives, particularly during all our working hours? It starts by helping to create a culture of wellness at work. There are strategies and tips you can implement to be more active, eat well and support each other on the wellness journey at the workplace, and we’re here to help!

Kelly Menke

Kelly Menke, MSPH, CHES
Health and Wellness Educator

Kelly joined Concordia Plans in May 2022 as a Health and Wellness Educator. She holds a Master of Science in public health from Southern New Hampshire University and a Bachelor of Arts in health education with a minor in healthcare administration from Ashford University. Kelly has nearly 15 years of experience in a variety of health and wellness-oriented roles. As a military spouse (retired) and mother of three, she has seen first-hand the health challenges and successes people from all over the country in different stages of life can experience. Her focus is on encouraging overall healthy lifestyle choices for prevention and improved management of health concerns.