Serve - Ministry Report


Continuing to build on a solid foundation

Concordia Plans 2022 Ministry Report

Nearly 60 years ago, Concordia Plans laid a foundation to support LCMS ministries and care for workers. Continuing to build on that foundation, great things happened in 2022:

  • Strengthened our partnerships with ministries.  
  • Introduced new resources to further support workers’ well-being.
  • Enhanced how we serve the LCMS.

Now we look forward to even better things to come!

Download the 2022 ministry report, “Serve,” to see how the past and present is building a future where CPS moves beyond being just a benefits administrator. CPS is focused on partnering with LCMS ministries to answer their need for comprehensive financial and health insurance solutions, all while caring and solving for what ministry workers need, too.  Also, “Serve” will introduce you to CPS staff, leadership and board members whose expertise and compassion help drive the organization to live its mission of serving ministries and caring for workers so that the Word of God spreads.


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