Legal, Eldercare and Travel Assistance

Protect yourself and your family

Replying to an email that you thought came from your bank… something unexpected on your credit report… an unexpected change in your family situation…

You're doing your best to manage the financial gifts that God has entrusted to you – now it’s time to protect them. We can help you keep your blessings safe.

Legal services available through LifeWorks:

  • Talk with an attorney - You can talk to an attorney for practical assistance with your most pressing legal issues, including:
    • Adoption.
    • Family law.
    • Wills.
    • Trusts.
    • Divorce and more.

In addition, you can get a free 30-minute consultation (based on availability) with reduced rates for continued assistance.

  • Visit their website which offers
    • Comprehensive tools and a library filled with various legal resources such as: forms, documents, and online will-drafting tools.
    • Articles, FAQs, and guides.
    • Financial wellness tools including budgeting, debt management, preparing for financial emergencies, home buying or renting, and taxes.

Ready to use LifeWorks? Click here and visit the section on "legal, financial and grief resources" to learn more about these benefits and how to access them.


  • Cigna EAP*
    24/7 access to personal advocates who can guide you to information on legal services, senior care, financial services, family care, pet care and more. Check out the "Intro to EAP" flyer.
  • Lifeworks
    A great place to start, services include a free 30-minute consultations with attorneys and discounted rate if you need to retain an attorney, as well as free templates to create a will and other legacy documents.  After logging in, choose "Life" then "Legal Services."
  • Securian legacy planning resources
    Access to compassionate guidance on end-of-life planning.
  • Lutheran Legal League
    Search by region or state for actively practicing attorneys who regularly attend LCMS worship and who desire to assist our Synodical churches, schools, ministries, missions and LCMS members with their legal needs.

*EAP is available to members of the Concordia Health Plan (CHP).