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  • Know your numbers, know your risk and reap the rewards

    March is a great time to get your Vitality Check (also known as your biometrics screening) done. Get your numbers by scheduling an appointment through Quest or LabCorp, order an at-home test kit (Quest) or check to see if an onsite event is being planned at your ministry soon.
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  • Diabetes prevention and management solutions for your wellness journey

    Although diabetes may not be 100% preventable for everyone, making healthy choices provides the best chance of not developing it. Taking steps to prevent or manage diabetes may lower your risk of developing diabetes-related health problems. Bringing awareness to the disease is American Diabetes Association Alert Day March 26.
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  • Prevention Challenge

    Join the Synod-wide ‘Prevention Challenge’

    Get in on the Synod-wide “Prevention Challenge” and begin your 2024 wellness journey on the right path. In addition to the points you already earn for completing these and submitting proof within Vitality, if you complete your screening exam within the Challenge dates (Jan. 1-April 8), AND submit your proof by Friday, April 19, you’ll earn an additional 250 Bonus Vitality Points.
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