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  • Two ways to support your co-workers’ emotional and physical health

    In 2020, 52.9 million American adults lived with a mental illness, whether mild or severe. Of those, fewer than 50% have received help. This is due, in large part, to the stigma around mental health. With this statistic in mind, consider doing these two things to inspire your co-workers to seek good emotional and physical health.
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  • Let’s focus on good emotional health

    CPS has been working hard to line up a variety of mental health resources in an easy to find place; check out our Mental Health website. For more information on understanding and supporting your own mental health or of those you love, check out this webinar.
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  • 200 Vitality Points are waiting for you!

    Looking for ways to earn more points in Vitality? This spring, when you have questions about those sniffles or need a doctor to weigh in on an ailment when you’re traveling, lean on 98point6 and get Vitality Points. Check out the following Challenge happening until the end of this month through MoveSpring (available through Vitality).
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