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  • Protect your financial wellness using these resources

    The Concordia Plans Financial Education Team has been providing monthly webinars on a variety of financial topics to help you with your financial wellness.
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  • Plan your next move (to wellness) with Vitality’s MoveSpring and Marketplace

    Vitality members now have more ways than ever to engage in healthy behaviors while earning Vitality Points along the way! MoveSpring and Marketplace are the newest additions to Vitality that provide options that contribute to better health.
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  • Eat superfoods to help prevent diabetes

    November is Diabetes Awareness Month. With 1 in 10 Americans being diagnosed diabetic and 1 in 3 Americans being diagnosed pre-diabetic, chances are diabetes impacts your life or the life of close family members and friends. In many cases, the lifestyle choices that are beneficial to diabetics are also beneficial to everyone, which is why we are going to look at some superfoods that are good for overall health and may also help prevent disease such as diabetes.
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