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  • Strengthen your emotional well-being through these resources

    We must be careful and aware of how the devil uses deception to talk us out of connecting and sharing, relying only on our own strength and broken understanding. Being vulnerable is hard, but it's so necessary and worth the reward of strengthening faith and breaking strongholds that deter us from the TRUE peace God has for us. Friends and family, faith-based counseling, small fellowship/support groups, and of course pastors are all invaluable options for open, safe communication. Concordia Publishing House also offers high-quality, vetted resources for group or individual study.
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  • Challenge yourself to making restful sleep a habit

    This month’s challenge in MoveSpring not only encourages setting a healthy bedtime routine to improve sleep quality, but also REWARDS establishing these recommended steps as a healthy HABIT. This is a great first step to building self-care into your daily life.
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  • Start focusing on taking care of your mental well-being

    Be encouraged to give your mental health some extra attention this month. Just like the body of Christ is connected in all ways, so is our personal body; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. All "parts" serve a purpose and need to be cared for to work properly and fulfill God's calling.
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