Speakers Bureau: Laura Scheer – on financial wellness


Building a financial wellness program for your workers

Financially healthy workers are more likely to be satisfied with their employer and more productive at work - that means more engaged workers at to your ministry. Learn about your role in your workers’ financial wellness journey and cost-effective ways to boost employee benefit packages in a competitive compensation environment.


Understanding employee benefits

Employee benefits make up a significant portion of your overall compensation package and play an important role in your financial toolkit. Learn about the benefits available to you through your ministry and how they can benefit your financial present and future. 


Financial wellness for all ages

While the underlying foundations of financial wellness are the same at every age, we have different goals at different points in our lives. This session will teach you how to create and maintain healthy financial habits and give actionable items for different life stages, ages and financial concerns such as managing debt and saving for retirement.

Laura Scheer

Laura Scheer, AFC®, CEBS
Financial Educator

Laura joined Concordia Plans in 2011, overseeing the administration of the Concordia Retirement Savings Plan 403(b). Now she engages directly with workers, using her financial coaching experience to help them build healthy financial habits and reach their financial goals. By educating workers about the important role their benefits play, she helps them improve their overall financial health. Laura has a bachelor’s degree from University of Missouri – Columbia, is an Accredited Financial Counselor® and a Certified Employee Benefit Specialist focusing on church retirement plans.