Understanding My Pension

Income for Life

Retirement is different for everyone, but retirement income is important for everyone! And if you’re enrolled in the Concordia Retirement Plan pension, you’ll have it – for the rest of your life!

If you’re enrolled in the CRP, you are earning retirement income. Your employer has enrolled you in one of the following options:


Traditional Option:
After five years of enrollment in the Traditional Option, you’ll be eligible to receive a monthly income benefit based on your years of service, compensation and other factors.

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Account Option:
After three years of enrollment in the Account Option, you'll receive a benefit based on your salary and interest credits. You'll have some flexibility to determine how you will receive your income benefit.

While the CRP pension will provide a stable income benefit in retirement, you'll need to supplement your benefits with personal savings – that’s where our 403(b) savings plan comes in! Your retirement savings will help you better meet your retirement expenses.

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Use Retirement Connection to take an in-depth look at your retirement benefits, including your estimated CRP pension benefit and Social Security benefit. You can also use the “Retirement Model” feature to see how different decisions (like retiring early or increasing your retirement savings) will affect your income. Our Retirement Connection User Guide will help walk you through the different planning tools.

Log in to Retirement Connection through the Member Portal or directly by visiting RetirementConnection.ehr.com. The first time you visit the site you will need to create an account.



Exactly what is a pension?

A pension is income you’ll receive from the Concordia Retirement Plan after you have retired. The steady, monthly CRP pension benefit will help serve as the foundation of your retirement income and just knowing you’ll have it can help provide peace of mind as you plan for retirement.

Member Portal

Visit the Member Portal where you can view your Personal Statement of Benefits, an overview of all of your Concordia benefits including your projected pension income at normal retirement age. From the Member Portal you can also visit Retirement Connection to take an in-depth look at your retirement benefits, estimate your CRP pension income, and see how different decisions (such as retiring early) will affect your CRP income. Or log in to Retirement Connection directly by visiting RetirementConnection.ehr.com.

Financial Educators

Contact a member of the Financial Education Team. They will be happy to walk you through your retirement benefits.

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