Speakers Bureau: Dave Kuschel – on organizational communications


Are we all talking about the same ministry?

A survey of LCMS leaders showed that while most ministries have a clearly defined mission statement, many in their community can’t easily share it with others. This prompts the question, “Are we all telling the same story?” Are our efforts to grow and promote the ministry within our community aligned? Or are we presenting a disorganized view of the organization we love so much?  We’ll share how one pre-K-8 school tackled this issue and how your ministry can work toward getting everyone on the same page with the same story – and how that just might impact your ministry long-term. 


Communicating the same, but differently

You've probably heard how important it is for your organization to speak in one voice so your key messages are heard, and hopefully remembered, no matter who is doing the communicating. You've likely also been told to differentiate your messaging for the specific audience you're targeting so that it will be most impactful to them. So how do you communicate the same, but differently? We'll talk about how these ideas mesh together and how your ministry can up its communications game! 


Help them succeed – a conversation about lay leaders

It’s important that lay leaders serve their ministry by making sound decisions in the ministry’s and its workers’ best interests. But who’s caring for the lay leaders? Are they prepared for their role? Are they engaged with what’s happening in your ministry? Do they have the information and resources they need? We’ll talk about ways to help lay leaders become and stay engaged and highlight resources that might be just what they need to better support you, your workers and the ministry!

Dave Kuschel

Dave Kuschel, MBA
AVP, Transformational and Strategic Communications

Dave has spent his career developing and executing communications strategies in nonprofit and educational organizations. He’s helped LCMS ministries by leading communications for a school’s capital campaign, facilitating a ministry’s mission and vision alignment to ensure consistent messaging, developing communications for a planned giving program and more. He also hosted “Tuesday Talks,” a four-part webinar series with the LCMS Office of School Ministry that focused on communications basics. Because of his passion for thriving Lutheran schools, Dave researched and prepared a white paper on how employment trends and community perceptions impact LCMS schools and shared that with educational leaders across the Synod. He has a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Arts in communication from Webster University.