Weight Management

Lower your health risks by managing your weight

Weight management is more than being “thin,” it’s about being a healthy weight that lowers your risk for health problems. The focus is on healthy living more than what you weigh. Check out these solutions that can help you get there using common sense and small, sustainable changes – all free with your Concordia Health Plan benefits.

Quantum Health

Say goodbye to the headache of navigating the healthcare maze all on your own. First call Quantum Health, who will make calls to your providers, get answers to questions about benefits and claims, find in-network providers, and secure required authorizations pertaining to your healthcare journey. Your personal Care Coordinator will even help you find solutions for your healthcare needs.

No question is too big or too small – from complicated decisions regarding surgery or a health condition to wellness goals to improve daily life. Your personal team of nurses and healthcare benefits experts will work with you and your providers to make your care simpler and more affordable.


Wondr Health

Wondr has a common-sense, skill-building approach to lasting weight loss, and it doesn’t include starving, counting calories or eating diet food. Reduce your risk of getting a serious disease – such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease – and increase your chance of living a longer, healthier life while still eating the foods that you love.

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Lose weight and create a sustainable lifestyle by making small changes around eating, activity, sleep and stress with help from Omada. Omada is a 16-week digital health program that helps members who are at risk for developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease adopt behavioral changes that will make a difference.

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Vitality integrates healthy activities and choices into your daily life to help you manage your weight and live a healthier lifestyle. You can set health and wellness goals, put those goals into action and earn points for achieving your goals.

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