Mental Health Toolkit

Create a workplace culture that supports your workers’ mental health

Did you know that one in four workers report wanting more mental health support from their employers? Fewer than 10% of workers feel that their workplace is free of stigmas about mental health.
(Source: McKinsey Center for Societal Benefit, 2021.) 

To help support your workers, Concordia Plans has created this mental health care toolkit so you can learn about the resources available and easily accessible to your workers. You can share resources with them, assure them that it’s OK to ask for help and assist them with support for their mental health care journeys.

If you have a worker who is feeling like he/she may harm themself or someone else, call 911 or call or text 988 to reach the Suicide Prevention Hotline.

NEW Enhanced EAP with Evernorth Confide

As of May 1, your CHP workers’ online Employee Assistance Program (EAP) access was replaced by Evernorth Confide Behavioral Health Navigator*, an enhanced EAP offering expanded mental health solutions.

To begin new mental health care with Evernorth Confide, encourage your workers to learn more at Let them know that if they are currently receiving care through EAP sessions or providers, they don’t need to do anything – there will be no interruption to their care.

Members can call 866-726-5267, register on or download the Well by Evernorth app to initiate care. Here are some tips that will help streamline that process for your workers:

  • To register online or in the mobile app, use the Employer ID: CONCORDIA. For the Pastoral Support Network through Evernorth, use Employer ID: PASTOR.
  • Select “Confide or Employee Assistance Program Registration” when prompted, “What best describes you?”

Evernorth Confide Registration

*Evernorth Confide is only available to Concordia Health Plan members and anyone living in the primary member's household.



EAP Resources for Managers

Evernorth EAP provides dedicated manager support to equip you with resources to help support your teams, including:
  • HR and manager referral information forms and resources for workplace concerns.
  • Critical incident and disaster support tools.
  • Wellness seminars and training to improve your workers' resilience and well-being.
  • Resources to help promote the EAP to your workers.

Access EAP Manager Resources


Learn how to create a supportive wellness culture

Concordia Plans Health and Wellness Educator Kelly Menke presents the “Promoting Mental Health Awareness in Your Workplace” webinar where you’ll learn more about:

  • Signs of stress.
  • Signs of a mental health challenge.
  • Helpful ways to respond and provide support.
  • New mental health resources available to Concordia Health Plan members through Evernorth Confide.

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Send your workers an email showing your support

We want to make it easy for you to tell your workers that you care about their mental health. Send an email to show your support by using the copy provided. Just copy the text below and paste it into your email platform. Feel free to customize the copy to best fit your ministry.

Subject line: <Your ministry> is always ready to help you.

Headline: We want to support you and your mental health 

Text: Not everyone’s mental health care journey is the same, but everyone’s mental well-being is important. That’s why we’re working with Concordia Plans to provide you with solutions that’ll help you make your mental health care a priority.

Concordia Plans is bringing you the NEW concierge-level mental health care navigation personalized for your needs: Evernorth Confide Behavioral Health Navigator. The Confide Behavioral Health Navigator offers mental health navigation with an enhanced EAP, providing solutions designed to overcome the most common barriers to getting behavioral health care.

This new solution supports YOUR unique mental health care journey — and for anyone else in your household who could use a helping hand. Let Evernorth Confide solutions remove the challenges that keep you from seeking support.

Appreciation Card

Let your workers know that you care

Boost your workers’ emotional well-being by showing them your appreciation and gratitude. It can be as simple as sending them a note or having a conversation recognizing their contributions to the ministry. Just letting your workers know that you care about them can make a big difference to their mental health.

Download notecards and add personal messages to share with your workers. You can send these via email or print to hand out.

How to find and choose a counselor

When your workers are ready to talk with a counselor about the challenge(s) they’re facing, there are several ways to find someone that they’ll feel comfortable speaking to about their mental well-being.


A Care Navigator through Evernorth Confide can help your workers find a counselor based on their criteria, including faith, age and specialty.

Register at to connect with a Care Navigator, who will:

  • Find a therapist who has open appointments or get you into a virtual care appointment within three days of your request.
  • Quickly respond to your needs in a crisis.
  • Provide in-the-moment support with an on-staff clinician.


Lutheran counselors ready to help

If your workers feel like they need to talk to someone about their mental health and they're specifically looking for a Lutheran counselor, Concordia Plans has created a network to help them find one. Workers don't have to be in the Concordia Health Plan or Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to search. It's important that they find someone they're comfortable speaking with about their mental well-being.

find a lutheran counselor


Watch “Seeking a Counselor,” presented by LCMS Rev. Marty Hasz, Director of Church Worker Wellness for the Missouri District.

Rev. Marty Hasz holds a Master of Arts in mental health counseling from Southeast Missouri State University. He is a licensed professional counselor specializing in emotionally focused therapy. Rev. Hasz served as a Director of Christian Education in the Indiana District before ministering as a pastor in Missouri. He is a Christian Reconciler through Ambassadors of Reconciliation and has been leading LCMS church workers and congregations through biblical personal and group peace-making since 2015.



How do your workers decide which counselor is the best fit for them?

Use this checklist as a resource to help your workers know what to ask so they can make the best choice.

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No matter the challenge, Evernorth Confide can help

Whatever is challenging your workers' mental well-being, know that Evernorth Confide provides a broad spectrum of professional help:

Evernorth Confide

Register or log in at using Employer ID: CONCORDIA. To reach Evernorth Confide by phone, call 866-726-5267. For the Pastoral Support Network through Evernorth, use the Employer ID: PASTOR or call 888-712-1805.

THIS NEW PORTAL WILL REPLACE MYCIGNA.COM FOR EAP ACCESS. (If you’re receiving care through current EAP services, no additional action is needed to continue care, and you’ll still have access to the same counselors.)

Additional mental health care resources

Be sure to also check with your district or circuit for additional resources available.

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