Sounding Board: Where your voice is heard

Ideas and change come through asking, listening and understanding. Here at CPS, we invite your opinions and feedback, as well as encourage conversations with other employers and members so we can serve you better, as we’re always working towards a better CPS experience for you.

We’ve made it easy to tell us what you think! If you want to share your opinions and ideas with us, head over to the CPS Sounding Board. It’s an open forum where you can ask questions and give CPS feedback about your benefits – plans, products and services. We care about what you have to say because you’re providing CPS with valuable insights so we can offer you the benefits and solutions YOU need and want.

So, if you have questions, feedback or ideas, join the nearly 2,000 CPS employers and members on Sounding Board – influencing how CPS cares for you.

Sounding Board is hosted on the CPS Shareboard website. After you log in or create an account on the Shareboard homepage, go to Communities/My Communities and click on “CPS Sounding Board.”

Get on board!