Managing your Disability and Life Benefits

With the Concordia Disability and Survivor Plan, you are able to provide your workers with financial benefits during times of unexpected hardships. The CDSP provides:

  • Disability benefits for when they are unable to work due to an illness or injury.
  • Life Insurance benefits should a member or enrolled dependent pass away.

These benefits are fully funded by the employer. Benefit amounts are based on the worker’s salary, as reported on the Annual Compensation Report. For more information on ACRs, click here.

Disability Benefits

The CDSP provides disability benefits to your workers. If an enrolled worker misses more than 14 consecutive calendar days due to an approved medical condition, he/she is eligible to apply for disability benefits.

Life Insurance Benefits

Providing your workers and their families with the safety net of life insurance helps provides peace of mind. In addition, life insurance is increasingly becoming a standard of quality benefits at employers.