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Quantum Health

Navigating health care can be difficult. Who do workers enrolled in the Concordia Health Plan go to with questions about medical coverage, prescriptions, dental, vision or wellness? Encourage them to call Quantum.

Starting Jan. 1, 2024, Quantum Health is your workers’ healthcare navigator the best, first point of contact for ALL healthcare-related questions. Quantum brings an extra value to the Concordia Health Plan by enhancing care for your workers and their enrolled family members — at no extra cost to them! 

No question is too big or too small – from complicated decisions regarding surgery or a health condition to wellness goals to improve daily life. Quantum is a single source for all your workers’ questions — one phone number, one website, one dedicated team of real, live people! They’ll have a personal team of nurses and healthcare benefits experts working with them and their providers to make navigating care simpler and more affordable. 

Why Quantum?

Part of good stewardship means finding the best partners who share our values and can create positive health outcomes for our members. Quantum does that by bringing clinical experience and healthcare industry knowledge to your workers.  

Also, Quantum healthcare navigation provides you with peace of mind that your workers will be cared for throughout their healthcare journeys. 

Employer to-dos

 Remind workers who are enrolled in the CHP that new combination medical + prescription ID cards* for 2024 were mailed to them, and they also can access a digital version at  ConcordiaPlans.quantum-health.com. Their 2023 ID cards are no longer valid as of Dec. 31.

*Members enrolled in Cigna HMO, Kaiser and Premium Plus plan options will not receive new ID cards.

 Learn more about Quantum by reading the resources listed below.

 Talk to your workers about how Quantum can help them with ALL their healthcare needs and share the resources below.

 Contact Concordia Plans for more information about our partnership with Quantum Health. Please note that due to HIPAA, Quantum will only be able to speak directly to members and their dependents unless a HIPAA authorization form is on file.


Worker to-dos

 First call Quantum – for whatever questions he/she may have regarding his/her CHP benefits or personal healthcare journey:

 Register with Quantum and download the Quantum Health app where he/she can communicate with Quantum via text and receive secure emails.

 Put Quantum’s contact information in his/her phone contacts for when he/she needs a pre-authorization or to secure orders from providers.

Quantum Care Coordinators

Quantum takes a whole-person approach to supporting and caring for your workers. A Care Coordinator will listen to concerns with empathy and compassion and answer any questions around health care and benefits. Care Coordinators are part of a dedicated team of healthcare experts who will: 
  • Verify covered services and benefits.
  • Make calls to providers.
  • Provide answers to questions about benefits and claims.
  • Find in-network providers.
  • Secure required authorizations pertaining to workers’ healthcare journeys.
  • Replace medical + prescription drug ID cards.
  • Connect workers to solutions for their healthcare needs.

Employer Webinar:

CHP Wellness Solutions: What Employers Need to Know

Learn about the exciting programs coming to the CHP in 2024: Quantum Health, Healthcare Bluebook and Telehealth with Teladoc. Kelly Menke, CPS Health and Wellness Educator, shared information about wellness solutions and how attendees could best help their workers. The webinar also features special guests from Quantum Health who explained healthcare navigation and how their Care Coordinators help workers navigate their healthcare journeys.

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