Supplemental Life Insurance

Extra financial help

We know that it can be hard to think about what will happen if you are no longer here with your loved ones – but it’s important. Take some time now to make sure your loved ones will be provided for and help prevent financial hardships if the unexpected happens.

Your employer provides you with Basic Life insurance, but you can get additional peace of mind by purchasing Supplemental Life Insurance. This additional life insurance can ease financial hardships during a very difficult time.

Visit Securian Financial, our benefit provider’s website, where you can:

  • Calculate how much insurance you may need.
  • View rates and coverage amounts.
  • Read about the importance of insurance coverage.
  • Learn about the benefits your employer is providing.
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Why Supplemental Life Insurance?

In addition to self-coverage, you can get Supplemental Life Insurance for your spouse and children.

If you have questions, contact our Customer Care team at 888-927-7526.

Purchase Supplemental Life Insurance

Within 60 days of being hired or experiencing a life-changing event, you can purchase guaranteed Supplemental Life insurance (no medical records required). Otherwise, you can purchase any time without guaranteed approval, so you will need evidence of insurability. Log in to your Member Portal and click on “Benefits Management.” Under the "Any Time Change" heading, select "Voluntary Benefits Change" from the menu. Follow the prompts to enroll or update your coverage.