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We care about how you're feeling, which is why we provide a variety of mental health solutions and resources. Find help with:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Work/life balance
  • Substance abuse and addiction
  • Financial issues
  • Family needs, such as childcare, elder care, adoption assistance and more

  • Shannon G.

    On HR Services
    I have been using the site and really appreciate all of the information in one place. Working with the specialists has been wonderful as well. I feel that it is a great tool for our ministry here at St. Peter Lutheran Church.
  • Paul Snyder

    Paul Snyder

    Retirement Educator
    I’m part of a family with many church workers, and I went to an LCMS college (River Forest), so many of my friends serve the church, too. I love working for Concordia Plans because I understand the needs of those serving the church, and I enjoy being a part of their pathway to financial and retirement security.
  • Amanda Bello

    Amanda Bello

    Health & Welfare
    The people, the atmosphere, the overall mission… This is what I like about Concordia Plans. I love being able to help those who are serving the church. It’s a blessing to be able to work at a place I enjoy going to every day.
  • Kara Simon

    Kara Simon

    I was drawn to Concordia Plans because of its overall mission to serve others. What keeps me here is the thriving business environment, where I feel challenged and supported to do meaningful work. Leaving the corporate world to work for a nonprofit doesn’t have to mean giving up that stimulating environment—at Concordia Plans, it means working with a community of business professionals united for a greater purpose.
  • Louis Johnson

    Louis Johnson

    Ministry Engagement
    I moved to St. Louis and joined Concordia Plans almost nine years ago after working 25 years in the secular world in the Twin Cities. What I’ve loved about CPS from the beginning was the focus on serving ministries and caring for workers. That mission and focus is why I’m still here!
  • Brad James

    Brad James

    Ministry Engagement
    Working for Concordia Plans gives me the opportunity, as a lay person, to serve those who are serving in ministry. It’s rewarding to help church workers better understand their benefits and equip them to use those benefits to their fullest
  • Meg Nichols

    Meg Nichols

    Health & Welfare
    The great thing about Concordia Plans is the importance placed on work/life balance. Seldom do you find an organization that equally promotes professional development along with spending time with your family.
  • Claudia Ferguson

    Claudia Ferguson

    Billing Services
    The great thing about Concordia Plans is it’s a Christian-based organization with outstanding benefits. We take pride in serving and supporting our customers and we’re always looking for ways to improve. It’s a blessing to work for this company.
  • David H.

    Paychex Customer
    Paychex's processing time is very good. Paychex support has been timely. Paychex's understanding of a church payroll is excellent in dealing with housing allowances and tax exemption situations and other nuances of a religious organization.
  • Jim R.

    Paycor Customer
    It was apparent to us that Paycor provided the most flexibility in processing our bi-weekly payroll out of two different checkbooks and chart of accounts, yet are able to combine the two entities for reporting into the government.
  • Chris R.

    Paycor Customer
    The certainty and accuracy of payroll tax withholding, remitting and reporting is critical for all congregations and their officers. The Paycor system is ideal for volunteer church treasurers and very economical for the service provided.
  • Lisa S.

    on working with Concordia Plans
    Concordia Plans sincerely cares about the health of their constituents. I recently had a situation and they supported me and helped me get through it.
  • Mark M.

    on working with Concordia Plans
    I have always experienced prompt service and never any adverse situation.  I like the portal, and the information on the Concordia Plans website is easy to access and understand!
  • Linda K.

    CRP Member
    Concordia Plans is easy to work with since I am a volunteer at the church. They take care of so many things for us that we wouldn't know to do as volunteers.
  • Linda K.

    on working with Concordia Plans
    Concordia Plans is easy to work with since I am a volunteer at the church. They take care of so many things for us that we wouldn't know to do as volunteers.
  • Cheryl H.

    on working with Concordia Plans
    Customer service, wise decisions, support for my health goals, easy to talk to, most importantly, agreement with my own personal values.
  • Rev. Dwayne S.

    on working with Concordia Plans
    Concordia Plans is doing a great job, being patient with me while answering my questions.  Thank you!!
  • Rev. Timothy H.

    CRP Member
    As a recently retired pastor, I am so appreciative that Concordia Plans "looked out for me" for all those years when I really was not focused on future retirement needs. Thank you!
  • Duane N.

    on working with Concordia Plans
    Concordia Plans serves church ministry with the health of church workers as a priority.
  • David M.

    on working with Concordia Plans
    I believe Concordia Plans offers many resources to help church workers take care of their spiritual, physical and emotional well-being. They have competitive products and there is a true sense of community within the organization.