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Join the Synod-wide ‘Prevention Challenge’

by Wellness Champions, Concordia Plans
Prevention Challenge

Get in on the Synod-wide “Prevention Challenge” and begin your 2024 wellness journey on the right path.

Dates: Jan. 1-April 8

Details: Complete at least one of the preventive health screenings you may be due for/or recommended by your primary provider. For example: mammogram, colonoscopy, eye/dental exam, annual physical, pap smear

Vitality Points: In addition to the points you already earn for completing these and submitting proof within Vitality, if you complete your screening exam within the Challenge dates (Jan. 1-April 8), AND submit your proof by Friday, April 19, you’ll earn an additional 250 Bonus Vitality Points

Since these activities do not automatically flow into Vitality, here’s how to submit your Preventive/Health Management Activity for points:

Preventive Activities = Annual Dental Screening/Exam, Colorectal Screening, Mammogram, Pap Smear

Steps to submit proof: In the app > Activities > Prevention > Select Dental or Health Screening > Complete Date of Completion and Details sections > upload proof of exam > Consent > Submit

Health Management Activities = Annual Eye Exam, Annual Physical

Steps to submit proof: In the app > Activities > Health Management > Annual Eye Exam or Annual Physical > Complete the necessary sections > Upload proof of exam > Consent > Submit