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Wellness solutions for you what you need

by Wellness Champions, Concordia Plans

Looking for more support preventing chronic health conditions and improving overall health and wellness? New wellness services are available from your Concordia Health Plan in 2024!

You can also check out our Wellness Resource Finder for assistance deciding which of your available wellness services may be the best fit for your needs and goals.
Quantum Health

Quantum Health* is your healthcare navigator – the best, first point of contact for ALL healthcare-related questions. It provides one-of-a-kind care through:

  • An improved patient experience.
  • Increased quality of care.
  • A single source for all your questions — one phone number, one website, one dedicated team of real, live people!

No question is too big or too small – from complicated decisions regarding surgery or a health condition to wellness goals to improve daily life. You have a personal team of nurses and healthcare benefits experts working with you and your providers to make your care simpler and more affordable. 

Quantum is part of the Concordia Health Plan benefits for you and enrolled family members — at no extra cost to you! 

There are three convenient ways to connect with Quantum:

Phone: 833-740-3260
Mobile App: Quantum Health

This information is also available on your medical ID card, which you can access digitally at

Teladoc Health
If you’re looking for convenient care, Teladoc Health* provides:

  • Telehealth that gives you virtual access to:
    • General medical care.
    • Mental health
    • Dermatology.
    • Nutrition counseling.
  • Diabetes Management Plus with Teladoc Health provides care for hypertension, weight management and mental health support for members diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
  • Expert medical opinions.


Healthcare BlueBook
Find the best options in health care using Healthcare Bluebook**, where you can compare the cost and quality of medical facilities and providers. When you opt to receive care from a recommended provider within 12 months of your initial search, you become eligible for incentives. Visit

*Not all product features apply to Cigna HMO and Kaiser options. 

** Not applicable to Cigna HMO and Kaiser options