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5 Ways to Dodge the Dreaded Holiday Weight Gain

by Sara Correnti, Manager, Health & Welfare Member Wellness Products
Thanksgiving holiday couple holding hands

Maybe this has been your year … you’ve jumped into health and wellness head first. You explored CPS’ programs and found the perfect fit for you! But now, the (dreaded, over-indulgent) holiday season is approaching and you’re worried that the traditional holiday fare will add everything back to your waistline. Or maybe you’re still trying to find your health groove and think there’s no point in starting now. Believe it or not, now is the perfect time to start focusing on your health.

Are you a Concordia Health Plan member? If so, you have access to a variety of programs that can deliver totally do-able baby steps that give you success and confidence no matter what season it is.

Not a Concordia Health Plan member? That’s ok! Here are 5 tips and tricks to keep calorie counts and weight gain low this, and every, season.

  • The good stuff first: Research shows that going for your favorite first over skipping it until the end leaves you feeling more satisfied with your meal. Plus, wouldn’t you make room for a favorite of yours? Most do and then end up overeating, which complicates our health. Be sure to slowly savor only a small portion of that favorite food. Then fill up on vegetables and other nutrient rich foods for the rest of your meal.
  • Hold off until hungry: Dessert is delicious! But eating outside of when you’re hungry can cause gastrointestinal distress in the short term. In the long term, eating when not hungry challenge weight management goals. Hold off on dessert until your belly growls again. Maybe that won’t be until the family gathering is over, but most hostesses will give you a doggie bag with your dessert to savor later.
  • Drink water with the meal: Hydrating with low to zero calorie
  • Servant hands (and feet): Instead of sitting on the couch waiting for the meal, see if you can help out. Maybe that means chopping something in the kitchen or chasing foul balls for the kids playing outside. This way you’re getting more movement in the same day you’re also probably getting more calories in.
  • Keep Calm and Enjoy: One meal does not make you healthy nor does it make you unhealthy. Health is about day-in and day-out habits combining together. If you are conscious about your health all year round, you cannot ruin progress in one day or in one meal. Enjoy your meal and face that God gave us such a beautiful and tasty platform to use as a way to build relationships with others. If you have time, squeeze in a quick, brisk walk to burn some of the extra calories you’re taking in. Everything helps!