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Wellness Champion Update

by Kelly Menke, Concordia Plans Health and Wellness Educator

Hello! You may or may not know me yet. My name is Kelly Menke, and I’m the Health and Wellness Educator at Concordia Plans. 

In the past, you may have received two emails: one with information tailored to you as the Wellness Champ and another to forward to your co-workers. We realize that many times the information was quite similar and may have overloaded your email inboxes. So, we’ve made some adjustments for 2023 to simplify this messaging. We hope that we’ve heard your feedback correctly and have made changes to improve your experience as the wellness influencer for your ministry. 

From here on out, you’ll only receive one email that’ll include beneficial information on a variety of wellness topics each month. This will be a turnkey email you can easily share with whomever else you think would benefit from the insights. 

From time to time, additional information will be added to the Wellness Champion page. All monthly topics with blog posts will also be available here for your convenience throughout the year. You can also access the updated 2023 Wellness Champion Planner and Playbooks on this webpage. 

I look forward to working with you in 2023 and for many years to come! 

Blessings and Be Well, 

[email protected]