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Know your numbers: Biometric Screening

by Kelly Menke, Concordia Plans Health and Wellness Educator
Biometric Screening
Want to reach Vitality Silver status before 2022 comes to an end?

October is a great time for your co-workers to get a Biometric Screening/Vitality Check (VC) done. They can:
  • Schedule an appt at a nearby service center through Quest or LabCorp.
  • Order an at-home test kit.
Or you can:
  • Set up an onsite event and encourage your co-workers to get a biometric screening at that event.
Along with the benefits of knowing lab results such as cholesterol and blood sugar levels, it’s also important to know your waist circumference and blood pressure. Connecting this information with the Vitality Health Review (VHR) can help you and your co-workers map out a pathway to improved health. 

The VHR assesses multiple aspects of health and wellness, like:
  • How active you are.
  • How much salt or added sugar you eat.
  • How many fruits and vegetables you eat on a regular basis. 
All areas we can set goals and take steps towards improvement or maintaining healthy habits.

BONUS! Completing the VC and VHR can earn your co-workers up to 3,800 points per program year! More than enough to BUST OUT OF BRONZE and reach SILVER status before the end of 2022!

To schedule biometrics, go to > Health Profile > Vitality Check and choose “Schedule” with one of our partner labs or “Submit” if you’ve already seen your provider and had them fill out the Vitality Check form.

To access and complete the VHR, go to > Health Profile > Vitality Health Review > Complete the Vitality Health Review.