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This month’s Challenge: Relaxing, reducing stress and sleeping well

by Kelly Menke, Concordia Plans Health and Wellness Educator

Challenge for everyone: Sabbath, "Emotional" Play #18 in the Wellness Champion Playbook.

How to: Remember the Sabbath this month. For every six days take one to relax, reduce stress and praise God. Have your co-workers track their days of rest and what that looked like for them personally (e.g., took a walk, listened to music, journaled, started a Bible study or devotional, etc.).

Consider this: At the end of the month, maybe offer a small gift (e.g., a journal, certificate, etc.) as a "high five" for taking time to rest from the chaos of life. This is also a great way to share self-care ideas and support each other's efforts to take care of our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

On Your Own Challenge: Sleep is so important for our mental well-being. It affects every aspect of our day: energy level, mental clarity, mood, etc. – positively and negatively. Unfortunately, sleep can also be one of the more challenging aspects of our health to manage well. This month’s challenge in MoveSpring not only encourages setting a healthy bedtime routine to better prepare for restful sleep, but also REWARDS establishing these recommended steps as a healthy HABIT. This is a great first step to building self-care into your daily life.

Challenge Name   Dates   Details    Vitality Points   Where  
“On Your Own” Challenges   Bedtime Routine 9/5-9/30Set, Screens, Soothe
  • Set a bedtime.
  • No screens 2 hours before bedtime.
  • Do a soothing activity prior to bed.
Complete a 5-day streak within the challenge period.