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Two to do

by Wellness Champions, Concordia Plans

1. Check on you. So often we are inclined to check in on others but this month, we’re asking you to check in on yourself. Pause and reflect on the questions below to check in on you.

Physical Health:

  • Is it a struggle to get intentional movement into your day (e.g., a walk, jog, stretching, etc.)?
  • How many servings of vegetables did you eat yesterday?
  • When is the last time you visited your primary care physician or completed a suggested health screening (e.g., mammogram, dental check-up, etc.)?

Mental/ Emotional Health:

  • How many days this week have you felt overwhelmed?
  • Are you more forgetful lately?
  • Have you or loved ones noticed you’re more “on edge” recently?
  • Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night?

Financial Health:

  • Are you worried about having enough money in retirement?
  • Are you wondering how to increase your savings?
  • Do you have an emergency fund? How long will it last you if your household income drastically decreased?

2. The next best step. There’s a saying that goes, “The first step is the hardest in every journey.”

Sometimes, when we muster all the motivation we can take a step in our health journey, we're overwhelmed by the long road ahead which then stalls us from taking any steps at all.

Whether you’re on the edge of taking the first step in your health journey or you’re mid-journey and feeling discouraged, don’t focus on the entire journey – focus on the next best step.

So, what is a great next best step? After considering the above questions, pick one area that you feel most confident in taking the next best step. Here we suggest some steps, but by no means is this a comprehensive list nor are we the expert on you and what works best for you (that’s YOU!).

Physical health:

  • Park one parking spot further from the building than you usually do.
  • Add a vegetable to your next meal or snack.
  • Schedule that mammogram.

    CHP members enrolled in a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan can use SmartShopper to find cost-conscious locations nearby for imaging needs. The bigger perk: you can get gift cards when you use their suggested locations!

  • Go to that annual physical with your primary care physician.

    Need a new doctor or to find a doctor? CHP members can use Included Health to find a new, high quality doc in your network!

    • You can earn up to 3,300 points in Vitality for submitting a biometrics.

Have your physician’s office complete this form and submit to your Vitality account or make your appointment with Quest or LabCorp through your Vitality login.

Mental Health:

  • Tonight, choose to read, journal or scribble instead of scrolling on social media or zoning out in front of the TV.
  • Pray over your favorite encouraging Bible verse tomorrow morning.
  • Complete the Mental Health Reviews in Vitality to help narrow down your emotional health strengths and opportunities for growth. Each is worth 75 Vitality points!
  • Have a stressor but not sure a counselor would be the best helper? Cigna EAP can do so much more than connect you to counselors. From assistance with finding child care, elder care or legal advice, Cigna EAP can help decrease the stress that we feel from all sorts of life challenges.

Financial Health:

  • Start or increase savings in your 403b (CRSP). Any increase is better than no increase.
  • Start an emergency fund. Research account options (credit unions or others options) to see what brings the most value to you.
  • Grow your emergency fund. Do a spending freeze for a short period of time, putting money saved into the fund. Any savings is still savings!

Taking care of ourselves can be an overwhelming journey, whether you’re at the first step or step 10,001. No matter where you are, God is with you on your journey, enabling and providing for you to be a good steward of all He blessed you with. Don’t focus on the entire journey, but just the next best step. He’s with you; we’re with you. Take that step! You got this!