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Quarterly Focus: Fitness and Movement

by Wellness Champions, Concordia Plans

July topic:

Mid-Way Check-Ins: What’s Your ETA? 

Have you ever had guests coming into town? You knew the time they were departing their home city and the approximate time they were to arrive at yours. Maybe you even thought, “I wonder if they’re ahead of schedule,” so you call or text to check in. It’s nice to know where they are on their journey or their ETA, right?

July can serve as a great time to do a journey check-in for yourself. Maybe you started strong this year with an eating plan to help decrease your cholesterol. Or maybe you had a good groove going with walking four days a week. But then a blip or a wrong turn on your journey happened … something unplanned came up and your journey went from being on schedule to being stopped in its tracks.

Just like you would check in on the progress of a friend en route to you, now is the time to check in on yourself. No guilt if you haven’t gotten as far into your journey as you would like. Flat tires happen on journeys all the time …. and we never abandon the car or the journey because of it. We adjust and get back on the road.

Take time this July to check in on yourself and your health journey. Assessing (or re-assessing) your health is made easy through CPS tools and resources

Pick one way to check in on your health this July:

  • Vitality: The Vitality Health Review and the Vitality Health Check. Doing each (maybe for the first time this year) not only gives you thousands of Vitality points, but you also get some guidance on where to start with your health and wellness.
  • Prevention.
  • Another option would be to visit the Health Connector to learn which CPS program may be a great place to re-kick start your 2022 health journey. Still stuck?

Once we re-assess, we can recalibrate.

Still stuck? Reach out to us. Think of us as the host that’s eagerly waiting to hear where you are in your journey! We’re here to help if you’re lost or celebrate if you’re already almost to your destination! Contact Kelly Menke – [email protected], 314-885-6845