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200 Vitality Points are waiting for you!

by Wellness Champions, Concordia Plans

Looking for ways to earn more points in Vitality? This spring, when you have questions about those sniffles or need a doctor to weigh in on an ailment when you’re traveling, lean on 98point6 and get Vitality Points. Check out the following Challenge happening until the end of this month through MoveSpring (available through Vitality).

Challenge Name  Dates  Details   Vitality Points  Where 
“On Your Own” Challenges  The Easiest Care & Points (98point6 Challenge)   April 1-May 31  Is it allergies? Is it pink eye? This spring get quick answers, for less cost than a traditional doctor visit, plus earn Vitality Points!  
Within the challenge window, complete a 98point6 visit to receive 100 points (200 points max).  
After a worker completes a 98point6 visit, go to MoveSpring and click “Done.” 
200 points   MoveSpring (access through Vitality)