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Calming the Chaos

12 Tips for Managing Stress and Anxiety
by Concordia Plans
Man journaling to reduce stress

Everyone has mental health, but not everyone has mental illness. Mental health and mental illness are not the same.

Stress, anxiety, depression – all mental health issues that if left unchecked can contribute to health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Of course, poor physical health can also lead to poor mental health – a never-ending cycle, if you don’t address it.

Here are twelve ways you can support your mental health:

Emotional Care

  • Attend church and bible study
  • Journaling
  • Counseling
  • Support groups
  • Art therapy
  • Ride the wave - Emotions peak in intensity. Visualizing they are a cresting wave that settles back into the ocean can help you ride the wave of emotion, making it more manageable.

Relational Care

  • Foster healthy relationships
  • Practice vulnerability
  • Make good communication a habit

Physical Care

  • Movement - Whether its formal exercise or dancing around your living room, movement can use up the adrenaline that’s released during stress.
  • Kick the smoking habit
  • Sleep - Adults need on average 7-9 hours of continuous sleep per night.

The EAP: A good resource for mental health support

The EAP, available to members of the Concordia Health Plan (CHP), can support you in so many ways, especially with your mental health. Access the EAP for six free sessions per topic (e.g., stress, depression) through:

  • A virtual counseling option.
  • Over the phone.
  • In-person.

You’ll get real solutions for a range of different topics, including emotional health, stress management, as well as grief and loss. Services for all of these concerns — and more — are confidential and available to anyone in your household.