Help your workers save for retirement!

We’re hosting a Spring Enrollment campaign for the Concordia Retirement Savings Plan (CRSP) 403(b) to encourage workers to begin saving for retirement or, if they’re already saving, to increase their savings amount. We’ll send your workers* a printed reminder to save, as well as several inspiring emails between April 8-19.

  • We’ll ask workers who are saving to consider increasing their contributions to be better prepared for retirement. The suggested saving rate will be based on their estimated current contribution rate.
  • We’ll ask workers not currently saving to start! We’ll highlight the importance of personal retirement savings to complement their Concordia Retirement Plan pension benefits.

*Workers at ministries not offering the CRSP will be excluded.



You can help!

Adopt the CRSP. If you are not currently offering the CRSP to your workers, now is a great time to adopt! Contact your Account Manager to learn more about the benefits of offering the CRSP to your workers!

Adopt the CRSP for your part-time workers. Consider offering the CRSP to your part-time workers. There is no additional cost to you as the employer, and your part-time workers will be able to save for retirement and gain access to our retirement planning resources. Contact your Account Manager to learn more.


Contact your account manager

Learn more about Managing the 403(b) plan.

Watch our webinar.

Learn more about the CRSP 403(b) and helping workers prepare for retirement by watching our webinar, "Preparing Employers for CRSP Spring Enrollment Period." The webinar includes:

  • Information on what it means to be on-track for a secure retirement.
  • Description of how the CRSP helps workers plan for retirement.
  • Details of CRSP Spring Enrollment campaign, including a timeline and samples of worker communications.
  • Overview of administrative responsibilities and of the CRSP Service Center through 90 Degree Benefits.
Watch the webinar

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