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Take control of diabetes with the right tools

Are you struggling with a recent diagnosis of pre-diabetes or diabetes? Has managing your diabetes been a difficult journey since diagnosis? Let diabetes know you’ve got this! You have solutions that will bring life-changing results – free with your Concordia Health Plan benefits.



Tired of just managing your diabetes? Virta is a treatment clinically proven to reverse type 2 diabetes – patients reduce their blood sugar and A1c, while removing diabetes medications and losing weight. You’ll get medical supervision, one-on-one health coaching, diabetes testing supplies and a private patient community.

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With Livongo you’ll receive coaching, an advanced blood glucose meter and unlimited testing strips to better control your blood sugar levels.

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Erase your “at-risk for diabetes” diagnosis and create a sustainable lifestyle by making small changes around eating, activity, sleep and stress with help from Omada. Omada is a 16-week digital health program that helps members who are at risk for developing diabetes adopt behavioral changes that will make a difference.

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Wondr Health

Wondr has a common-sense, skill-building approach to lasting weight loss, and it doesn’t include starving, counting calories or eating diet food. Reduce your risk of getting a serious disease – such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease – and increase your chance of living a longer, healthier life while still eating the foods that you love.

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Grand Rounds Health
Connect with your personal health assistant

Let Grand Rounds Health be your personal health care assistant to help you find the best wellness solutions or providers available to you.

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