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Diabetes solutions

Are you struggling with a recent diagnosis of pre-diabetes or diabetes? Has managing your diabetes been a difficult journey since diagnosis? Let diabetes know you’ve got this!

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Weight management

Weight management is more than being “thin,” it’s about being a healthy weight that lowers your risk for health problems. Check out these solutions that can help you get there using common-sense and small, sustainable changes.

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Heart Health

Your overall wellness begins with a healthy heart. If you’re at-risk for cardiovascular disease, take steps today to help make your heart healthy.

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Physical therapy

Start your journey to living pain free at home with SWORD Physical Therapy Alternative for back, joint and muscle pain. A physical therapist meets with you via video call and designs a customized therapy program; a tablet and Bluetooth-enabled motion sensors track your progress and help correct your form in real-time.

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Healthy, active living

Vitality integrates healthy activities and choices into your daily life to help you manage your weight and live a healthier lifestyle. You can set health and wellness goals, put those goals into action and earn points for achieving your goals.

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From the very first time you see and hold your newborn, your life is forever changed. Your need to protect and provide for your baby becomes your number one priority. Concordia Plans is here to help you provide for your baby’s needs.

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Health & Wellness Educator Megan Sherman is here to help educate, support and encourage you to engage in healthy behaviors, so you can be well to serve well. If you need help, you can email her for guidance.

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