Ministerial Care

The wellbeing of those in ministry has a significant impact on the health, growth, and strength of the body of Christ. Wellbeing among ministers struggling with the everyday challenges of ministry needs to be addressed, both for the good of the workers themselves, and to be good stewards of the ministry.
The Pastoral Support Network and EAP

The EAP is designed to help members and dependents cope with stress, depression, marital difficulties, and a variety of other work, family, and life issues. All EAP services are free and confidential to covered members of the CHP and can be accessed 24/7 at or 866-726-5267.

The PSN, or Pastoral Support Network, is an EAP specifically designed for ordained pastors and those that live in a pastor’s home. The Pastoral Support Network is free and confidential to all ordained ministers and those that live in an ordained pastor's home (regardless of enrollment in the Concordia Plans) and can be reached at 888-712-1805.

Ministry Resources

In addition to our many other ministerial care resources, some resources are designed specifically for ordained ministers.

Occasionally, a pastor may need time to renew and reflect, focusing on their spiritual, emotional, and even relational wellbeing. Allowing a pastor to take a Sabbatical, or even to simply recharge at a retreat designed specifically for ministers, can help to strengthen congregations.
  • Doxology - The Lutheran Center for Spiritual Care and Counsel, which offers advanced study retreats for strengthening pastors.
  • Grace Place - Retreats, wellness weekends, and workshops for pastors, church workers and their spouses. 


The Wholeness Wheel

As sanctified children of God, we respond to what God, in Christ Jesus, has done for us through proper stewardship of all that we have been given. Among those blessings are the various components of our health as shown by the Wholeness Wheel. Our efforts to improve our personal wellness, then, are a part of our sanctified living – as in every aspect “We are to grow up in every way into Him who is the head, into Christ.” (Ephesians 4:15) Until that time when we are with God face to face, we strive with His help and guidance to Be Well in all areas of the Wholeness Wheel so that we can best Serve Well those in our care.

Spiritual Wellbeing: Encompassing all aspects of our well-being is acknowledging that our pursuit of wellness is not possible without the righteousness that is ours by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ. It is only through Christ's redeeming sacrifice for us that we seek to nurture our relationship with Him through the study of His word, prayer, devotion, and worship.

Emotional Wellbeing: Knowing our full array of human emotions, recognizing which ones are suitable for each circumstance, and expressing them appropriately. Equally important is striving to respect and honor the feelings of others. 

Financial Wellbeing: Being good stewards in the way we save for retirement, spending within our means, and sharing with others in need. Financial wellbeing is marked by generosity and eagerness to be a blessing. 

Intellectual Wellbeing: In the same way we exercise our bodies for His service, we continually keep our minds stretched and active by staying curious, asking questions, seeking answers, exploring new responsibilities, and resting our mind at the end of the day to keep it fresh. 

Physical Wellbeing: Honoring our bodies as gifts from God by keeping them as healthy as possible includes nourishing them with healthy food and drink, keeping them fit for service through regular exercise, and respecting our bodies' need for rest. 

Relational Wellbeing: Taking time to nurture our relationships with family, friends, and coworkers through interaction, play, and forgiveness are essential to our overall wellbeing. 

Vocational Wellbeing: In our callings, we carry out our daily work joyfully serving in the capacity to which He has called us; discovering and using all of the gifts with which He has endowed us; and capably representing Him in the everyday experiences of our vocation, to help Him make this world a better place.

We have many resources, including events, webinars, and more. Don’t hesitate to contact the ministerial care office at Concordia Plan Services at (888)927-7526.