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Administrator Responsibilities

Concordia Plan Services can assist you in the proper administration of the Concordia Plans. Keeping us informed of activities and changes at your ministry is one way you can help us to be a valuable resource to you. 


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Payment & Billing

We appreciate your ministry’s partnership in the Concordia Plans. By supporting the Plans, you are supporting mission throughout the United States and around the world. Thank you for paying your bill on time. To assist with this process, we offer a convenient and secure online payment system through Bank of America.

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You can also establish recurring payments! If you experience difficulties with online payments, please check with your bank to see if your account has debit blocks, and please call CPS if you need additional information for your bank to authorize.

Payment & Billing Policies

  • Paying Invoices: Invoices are due on the first day of the month, and should be paid as billed.
  • Adjustments: New and departing worker and dependent changes will appear on the next month’s invoice. If a worker is employed for a 10-month period, the worker’s salary is considered as being paid over a 12-month period.
  • Check Refunds: Made upon request if your ministry is not vacant.
  • Late Fees: Invoices more than 30 days late are assessed a 1% per month finance charge, compounded monthly.
  • Payment Responsibility: Your ministry is responsible for the cost of the Retirement Plan, Disability and Survivor Plan, and at least 50% of the cost of the Health Plan (worker cost). The remaining 50% of worker cost, dependent costs, and AIP payments are optional for the ministry to pay, but any policy must be consistent across all employees and non-discriminatory. Anything not covered by your ministry should be deducted from payroll.

Other Procedures
for Workers

Enrolling Your Workers

Congratulations on your new hire! We are here to help your workers get enrolled and learn about the great benefits you are providing.

New Worker Enrollment

Ready to enroll a new worker? If you are not sure if a new worker is eligible, please see the rules below. To enroll:
Download an Enrollment Packet
Member Eligibility
Concordia Retirement Plan and Concordia Retirement and Disability Plan - Any worker employed more than 20 hours per week and who will be employed for more than five months (not a temporary worker) is eligible to participate.

Concordia Health Plan - Depending on your ministry's hourly election, any worker employed more than 20 hours, more than 25 hours, more than 30 hours, or 30 hours or more per week (as designated by the employer) and who will be employed more than five consecutive months (not a temporary worker) is eligible for health plan coverage. Employers with no designation are defaulted to the rule of “more than 20 hours”.

An eligible worker can be enrolled if the LCMS employer participates in the benefit programs. Workers cannot be denied enrollment because of age, occupation, sex, or religion. This includes workers in day care centers, preschools, and lunch programs that are under the control of a participating LCMS congregation.
Vicar and Student Eligibility
Vicars and intern teachers who will be returning to the seminary or college to complete their studies are not eligible to enroll in the Concordia Plans. However, those who have completed their formal course-work and will not be returning to school are eligible and may be enrolled at the option of the employer. An employer who elects to enroll such an individual is required to enroll the worker in all Plans in which the employer participates. Also, vicars can enroll for Concordia Health Plan (CHP) coverage as a seminary student.
Dependent Eligibility
Spouses, dependent children, and other dependents under limited circumstances are eligible for enrollment in the CHP.

Spouses who are each employed by CHP participating employers can either enroll as workers through their own employer, or determine which spouse would like to carry coverage for the family. In the Concordia Disability and Survivor Plan and the Concordia Retirement Plan, each spouse is enrolled as a worker and also enrolled as a dependent of the other spouse. Eligible dependent children are enrolled under both parents. Thus, if a dependent dies, a death benefit would be payable under both parents' membership.

Other Enrollment

Making Worker Changes

We need your help in making changes that have affected your workers benefits so that they and their dependents are covered! Remind workers to inform Concordia Plan Services in writing when status changes occur for workers or dependents. It is important that we receive changes such as added or deleted dependents (spouse, child), changes in address, or terminations of coverage.

Life Changes

Address or Contact Information Change
  1. Fill out Change of Contact Information
  2. Email or mail to attention of Customer Care, Concordia Plan Services.
You can also call 888-927-7526 and update over the phone.
  1. Member and employer should complete a Request for Membership Change.
  2. The worker should review beneficiaries for:
  3. Inactive workers and retirees must submit a copy of a marriage license.
New Dependents
For a new child:
  1. The member should complete a newborn enrollment form and the employer should return to Concordia Plan Services within 60 days.
  2. When the family receives the child’s social security card, they can call Concordia Plan Services to update the record.
  3. The worker should review beneficiaries for:
For a new adoption or legal guardianship:
  1. Complete a Request for Membership Change, and return it to Concordia Plan Services with a copy of an adoption decree or court document and the placement date within 60 days.
  2. The worker should review beneficiaries for:
Reporting a Death
To initiate a survivor claim when a member or dependent passes away:
  1. Either the member, employer, or a family member can report a death by calling 888-927-7526.
  2. Forms and information will be mailed for completion, and will need to be returned with a certified death certificate.
  3. Concordia Plan Services provides many services for those who are grieving, including the Employee Assistance Program and financial counseling.
Initiating a Disability Claim
When a member needs to initiate a disability:
  1. After the last day worked, either a member or employer can call 888-927-7526 to report a disability.
  2. Your ministry will be sent a Disability Employer Statement to complete and return.
  3. Your worker will be sent an authorization and an acknowledgment of benefits.
Returning to Work from a Disability
  1. Your ministry will need to complete a status verification form and return it to Concordia Plan Services.
Worker Retiring
  1. When a worker decides to retire from service at your ministry, he or she should initiate a retirement case with our customer care department (or complete online).
  2. For early retirement, a qualified worker may choose to continue coverage in the Concordia Health Plan (see Health Care Coverage Extensions),
  3. For regular or late retirement, a member should investigate their Medicare options. The Concordia Health Plan offers supplemental coverage through AmWINS (please note regular set up takes 2-3 months).
  4. To terminate benefits, an employer submits a Worker Change Report – Termination of Benefits.
  1. Complete a request for membership change form.
  2. The worker should review beneficiaries for:
  3. The worker may also need to complete a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (if necessary, per the court).
  4. Inactive workers and retirees must submit a copy of a divorce decree.

Work Changes

Change in Job Title or Hours
Worker changes for hours and salary are reported so that their benefits may be calculated correctly.
Complete a Transfer
When a worker's employment is terminated with your ministry:
When a worker's employment is terminated with your ministry: If notice is not reported within 30 days of the event, the employer is required to pay the CHP contribution until the end of the month that notice was provided. The employer has the option to continue voluntarily paying for coverage.

Health Care Coverage Extensions

In order to obtain an extension of coverage, CPS must be notified in writing that a worker wishes to pay on an individual basis within 21 days of termination. Health Plan coverage may be extended up to 15 calendar months after termination on an individual basis.
In order to obtain an extension of coverage, CPS must be notified in writing that a worker wishes to pay on an individual basis within 21 days of termination. Dependent coverage may be extended up to six calendar months following the end of the calendar month in which the dependent is no longer an eligible dependent of the member in the Concordia Health Plan.
Retirees under age 65
Retiring workers age 55 or older with more than five consecutive years of CHP participation (or one year of CHP participation with five years of RMS credits if enrolled in the Retirement Plan, Disability and Survivor Plan, and Retirement Savings Plan) immediately prior to retirement can continue in the CHP as retired members. If workers do not meet the above criteria, they may extend CHP coverage up to 15 months on an individual basis.
Legally separated or divorced spouses
Legally separated or divorced spouses from Health Plan members may extend coverage up to 12 calendar months, and may file for extended coverage for any dependents of the health plan member that are in their custody.

Other Life Events

CRSP Administration

As an employer in the Retirement Savings Plan, all your workers’ contributions will be collected by EBSO (our fund consolidation partner) who will send the funds to Fidelity for management. For your ministry to participate, complete an ACH Funding Authorization.

Contributions must be sent in no later than 20 business days following the month in which they were otherwise due to the member (taken out of their paycheck). Employers who have failed to remit contributions could be responsible for funding lost earnings to member accounts. If your ministry is out of compliance in contribution remittance, please call our office.

Remitting Contributions

Ministries can select one of three options for remitting contributions:
  1. Use the EBSO Service Center (recommended) by creating an account with EBSO and remitting each pay period through the Online Service Center (you can also read the instructions on how to remit).
  2. Use EBSO Automatic Contributions (employers whose workers do not vary their deferral amounts often). By completing and submitting the automatic remittance form, contributions will be withdrawn automatically from your organization’s checking account. A new form must be submitted each time contribution amounts change, and all previous forms are voided, so all participating workers must be listed on each form.
  3. Sign up for payroll and remittance services with Paychex. Paychex can transmit contribution data on your behalf each payday.

Other CRSP

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