Administrator Responsibilities

Do you need to change a worker’s address? Did a worker transition to a new position? As an employer, you can now update your worker’s information through our new Employer Portal. With just a couple of clicks and keystrokes, you can now perform your administrative functions online.

Reporting Changes

To help clarify how to report the changes, please reference the chart below to determine if the required change should be reported through the employer portal, the worker portal or by calling CPS.

Change being reported Employer Portal Worker Portal
Entering a new worker X  
Enrolling in benefits   X
Designating Beneficiaries   X
Updating a mailing address   Call CPS
Marital Status Change   X
Annual Compensation Reports X  
Change in compensation/hours/duties X  
Death of a worker Call CPS  
Death of a dependent   Call CPS
Date of benefits eligibility X  
Worker termination X  
Disability   Call CPS
Leaves of absence Call CPS  
CRSP deferral change   Visit
Removing dependent(s)   X

Portal Resources

To help you in administering benefits through the Employer Portal, we’ve developed online tutorials and instructions.

Payment & Billing

We appreciate your ministry’s partnership in the Concordia Plans.

To assist with this process, we offer a convenient and secure online payment system through Bank of America. You can even establish recurring payments!

Payment & Billing Helpful Tips

  • The Plans are billed a month in advance. For example, you’ll receive a bill in January for February’s coverage. This bill will be due Feb. 1.
  • Always pay your bill in full. Adjustments for worker changes will appear on a future invoice.
  • If a worker is employed for a 10-month period, for billing purposes the worker’s salary is considered as being paid over a 12-month period.
  • Invoices more than 30 days late are assessed a 1 percent per month finance charge, compounded monthly.
  • Your ministry is responsible for the cost of the Retirement Plan, Disability and Survivor Plan, and at least 50 percent of the cost of the Health Plan for the worker’s coverage. Anything not covered by your ministry should be deducted from the worker’s payroll.

Other Procedures
for Workers

Enrolling Your Workers

Congratulations on your new hire! We are here to help your workers get enrolled and learn about the great benefits you are providing.

New Worker Enrollment

New workers should be enrolled through the Employer Portal.
For additional guidance enrolling a new worker, watch our helpful tutorial.

Eligibility Rules

Member Eligibility
Member eligibility can vary from plan to plan. For more information on worker eligibility, please review the Administrative Guide for Treasurers and Business Managers.
Vicar and Student Eligibility

Vicars and intern teachers who will be returning to the seminary or college to complete their studies are not eligible to enroll in the Concordia Plans. However, those who have completed their formal course-work and will not be returning to school are eligible to be enrolled.


Vicars can enroll in Concordia Health Plan (CHP) coverage as a seminary student.

Dependent Eligibility

Spouses, dependent children, and other dependents are eligible to be enrolled in the plans during initial enrollment. If not, they will need to wait for a special enrollment opportunity (see below).


Spouses who are each employed by CHP participating employers can either enroll as workers through their own employer or determine which spouse would like to carry coverage for the family.

Other Enrollment

Making Worker Changes

We need your help in making changes that affect your worker’s benefits!

Remind workers to promptly enter changes into the member benefits portal. It is important that we receive life changes so that workers, and their spouses and children have benefits.

If your worker needs assistance with the member benefits portal, encourage them to visit the Portal Help page.

Life Changes

Life changes the worker can make through the member portal include:
  • Enrolling in benefits as a new worker
  • Reporting a change in marital status
  • Adding/changing a dependent
  • Retirement (through Retirement Connection)

Life Changes that require the worker to contact CPS:
  • Initiating disability
  • Reporting a death

Work Changes

Changes in employment can be made by the employer on the employer portal. See Administrator Responsibilities for more information.

Health Care Coverage Extentions

Workers and dependents who are no longer eligible for Concordia Health Plan coverage will receive written information from CPS about continuing their coverage.

Workers who are retiring will receive information in their retirement packet about continuing health plan coverage or enrolling in a Medicare supplemental coverage.

If you wish to pay for a portion of a worker’s extended coverage, please contact CPS.

Other Life Events

CRSP Administration

As an employer in the Retirement Savings Plan, all your workers’ contributions will be collected by EBSO (our fund consolidation partner) who will send the funds to Fidelity for management. For your ministry to participate, complete an ACH Funding Authorization form.

Contributions must be sent in no later than 20 business days following the month in which they were otherwise due to the member (taken out of their paycheck). Employers who have failed to remit contributions could be responsible for funding lost earnings to member accounts. If your ministry is out of compliance in contribution remittance, please call our office.

Remitting Contributions

Ministries can select one of three options for remitting contributions:
  1. Use the EBSO Service Center (recommended) by creating an account with EBSO and remitting each pay period through the Online Service Center (step-by-step instructions will be provided).
  2. Employers with fewer than 10 employees can use the EBSO Automatic Remittance form. By completing and submitting the automatic remittance form, contributions will be withdrawn automatically from your organization’s checking account. A new form must be submitted each time contribution amounts change, and all previous forms are voided, so all participating workers must be listed on each form.
  3. Sign up for payroll and remittance services with Paychex. Paychex can transmit contribution data on your behalf each payday.

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