Everyday Finances

Budgeting is key

A new shirt here, a coffee or candy bar there – while they may not seem like much by themselves, the everyday purchases we make are part of our total financial picture – and they add up. That’s why budgeting and managing your money are so important.

Understanding budgeting basics can help you be more thoughtful about your money, helping you save for your future, prepare for emergencies, give more generously and afford to buy what you need.

If you’ve never budgeted for your family before, you may not be sure where to start! That’s where our Financial Wellness Educators come in. They can help you create a budget or review your budget with you so you can improve your financial wellbeing. Email us and a Financial Wellness Educator will reach out to you.

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Not Sure Where to Start?

There are many budgeting resources available to you, so how do you know which financial tool is right for you? By answering a few simple questions, we’ll help you find it.

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Money Management

Get a financial check-up and set in place a saving and spending plan (find out what you own and what you owe.)

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Understanding Debt

See how you can better manage debt.

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Student Debt Solutions

We’ve partnered with Fidelity to provide free Student Debt Solutions so you can better manage your debt and pay it off faster. Learn more about Student Debt Solutions or get started.