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First-time benefits enrollment video tutorial
Open Enrollment video tutorial

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Benefits Management Tool Help


Manage Your Benefits Online!  

Concordia Plan Services is reducing paperwork and bringing your benefits information to you online. Check out everything from your health benefits to your 403(b) retirement savings plan* contributions. Watch this short video to see all this new online tool has for you!
*if applicable

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First-time benefits enrollment video tutorial
Open Enrollment video tutorial

Scroll down for Frequently Asked Questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Member Portal FAQs

Getting to the Portal?

Getting to the portal is easy and intuitive through On the homepage, just look for the Member the login button. It’s as simple as that! Click on it and you’re on your way!

How do I register?

The Login page is divided into two sections.

Account Set Up is on the right, and Sign In is on the left.

You will need to set up your new account before you can sign in. Click the blue REGISTER button.

Email address: You have the option of setting up your account using the email address of your choice.

Password: You will need to create a password using a minimum of eight characters that includes an upper case and lower case letter, as well as a numeric character. For convenience, you can check the box to show your password so you can see what you are typing.

Security Question: The next step is to create a security question. There is a large list of questions from which you can choose. Once you have found one you like and for which you will remember your answer, type in your answer.

Verify Account: This step is very important because it will allow you access to your benefits information.

After entering your last name, you will need to enter the last four digits of your Social Security number, then your date of birth. This information ensures that you are uniquely matched up with your member data.

We understand that in this day and age, there are many concerns about data security. Rest assured, Concordia Plan Services has top-notch data protection to keep your information safe and secure.

Click the submit button and you should see a “Success!” message if your account is ready to go!

How do Sign In?

Now it’s time to sign in and access your personalized member portal. From the sign-in section on the left, use the email address and password you set up when you registered your account.

To make future sign-ins easier, you can click the box for “remember me,” which will save your email address for next time and require you to type in only your password.

Once you complete those steps, click the sign-in button and you will be directed to your own Personal Dashboard. This is where the fun begins!

Can you show me an overview of my Dashboard?

The toolbar is your home base, the place you want to return if you’re looking for your next place to go. The row of icons takes you to some of the most asked-for content on the portal. And don’t forget the Help button on the end.

Your dashboard is made up of cards. The first card to notice is the “My Health Plan” card. This gives you easy access to see your current health plan. You can also click “See Details” to get a better look at the other benefits you currently have.

Below that is a large bar of your “Featured Benefits.” Take a look at some of the amazing benefits you have by being a part of Concordia Plan Services and use this space to easily log into your accounts.

Beyond that, you’ll find other cards, some of which will change out from time to time to give you new and exciting information. Be sure to check back often to get the latest on new programs, wellness opportunities and get easy access all your benefits.

what are Actions & Notifications?

When you sign in, you might notice a number in an orange circle at the top right of this button.

If this circle appears, that means you have actions you need to take or important information you need to read, along with the deadline for completing that action.

You’ll get alerts on things such as deadlines for open enrollment and other upcoming events that require your attention.

You can also have the option to add an action to your own calendar. Just click “Add to calendar” to download a file attachment that you can upload to your preferred calendar program to remind yourself.

Once you finish your tasks, mark them as complete and the notification number on your dashboard will disappear until a new action is required. But wait. Let’s say you realize you have NOT completed an item. Simply uncheck it within 24 hours and the pending action reappears for you to complete.

Where can I find my Benefits

The Benefits tab takes you to information about all the benefits you have through Concordia Plan Services. You can also look at plan documents if you need to explore the details of any of the plans you’re participating in.

A crucial card to visit on this page is this card at the bottom. By clicking the “view now” button you will be directed to your very own Personal Statement of Benefits. This is a one-stop location to see the value of the benefits you have through CPS. If you’d like, print this statement out for your own personal records.

Is there any Financial Planning & Physical Wellness information?

One of the best ways to keep your medical costs down is to focus on your wellness. That’s why we’ve created special pages just for that topic. On your Physical Wellness page, check out the various programs and tools available to you to help you improve or maintain your health.

And on your Financial Planning page, you can get access to valuable calculators and other applications to help you save money, budget well and plan for an easy and peaceful retirement. Remember, money worries are one of the leading causes of stress-related illnesses. This page can help you be intentional about avoiding those costly ailments while you are becoming retirement-ready.

What's on the Resources page?

Your personal portal offers you a wealth of important information. To find some of the most helpful items, click on the Resources tab in your toolbar. There you will find resources for navigating the Concordia Plan Services Member Portal and information on how to access help.

How can I change information on my Profile?

On the right side of the profile screen, you’ll be able to see your contact information. You’ll also be able to click the button and update this data should any of your personal information ever change.

And finally on the left, you can change your password or security question from time to time for optimal security.

Open Enrollment Tool FAQs

How do I get to the Open Enrollment tool to elect my 2019 benefits?

There are multiple ways to access the Open Enrollment tool. First, use the Member Login button to log into your portal. From your portal dashboard, simply click on one of the following:

  • Main Banner
  • Benefits
  • Dashboard Card
  • Quick Links
  • Actions

You will connect straight to the benefits management page where you’ll see an orange banner notifying you that you have a “Pending Open Enrollment Event.” Click the “Complete Event” button to begin your selection process.

How long will this take?

Depending on the number of benefits offered at your employer, the process may take up to 30 minutes. Enjoy learning about all the benefits available to you through this experience!

What if I don’t have time to finish the whole process at one time?

The system will save your selections, similar to an online shopping cart, so when you come back, you won’t need to select those again; however, you will need to start at the beginning of the process and quickly move through those you’ve already completed. None of your selections will be submitted until you click “Accept” at the end and get a confirmation page, similar to an online check-out.

Can I use my phone or tablet?

While the process works on a phone, it is recommended you use a larger screen on a desktop, laptop or tablet for the best experience.

What does the process entail?
Step 1: Review Personal and Dependent Information

Go to your “Me” page. Look it over to make sure all your personal information is correct. If you find something that is inaccurate, use the member profile app to update your information.

When you start selecting your benefits, you’ll notice a monthly cost calculation appearing in the upper right-hand corner of the page. This keeps track of your estimated member cost that will accumulate through the enrollment process. Please note that costs and member contributions vary by LCMS ministry so it is important you ask your employer about any paycheck deductions for your 2019 benefits.

The next step is indicating your “Tobacco Status” – non-smoker or smoker. This information is important for calculating rates should you select Supplemental Life insurance as one of your 2019 benefits.

Step 2: Review Dependent Information

Now you get to review your family page and decide if you need to edit or add any dependents who aren’t already listed.

Once you’ve done all of the above, it’s time to begin selecting your 2019 benefits!

Step 3: Select Your Benefits

The Open Enrollment tool will walk you through the screens of the benefits that are available to you in 2019. Not every member’s election path will be the same. Also, not every step will require you to take action, but you will still get to review it before you continue.

The first screen you will see is the Concordia Retirement Plan – your pension. This option requires no changes and is paid for by your employer. This step exists to let you know that you have a pension available to you as a part of your retirement plan.

Since this is the first step in the enrollment process, notice that you will click “Next” or “Next Step” at the bottom of the page to progress through all of your benefit options.

For those benefits which offer a change option, you may click on “Change,” to progress to the next step.

As your move through the enrollment process and complete steps, you’ll see an orange check mark next to the step reviewed or completed in a list on the left-hand side of your screen.

Concordia Retirement Savings Plan 403(b) Elections

If your employer offers it, you will be able to save in pre-tax or after-tax Roth payroll deductions, or a combination of both.

In both the pre-tax and after-tax Roth options, you’ll be able to elect to save a “Flat Dollar Amount per paycheck” or a “Percentage of your earnings per Paycheck.” If you have already set up contribution amounts for the 403(b) through your employer for 2018, you can elect to continue your Retirement Savings election at your current contribution amount.

Concordia Disability and Survivor Plan

You are not required to take any action on this screen. This step exists to let you know what your coverage is in the event you are unable to work due to an injury or illness and that you are eligible for disability benefits.

Concordia Health Plan

Your first step on this screen is to elect your Medical Plan Option(s) from the option(s) your employer is offering for 2019.

If your employer offers more than one option, you can compare plan options. Check the corresponding boxes and click “Compare Plans” to open a pop-up showing you the detailed comparison of option features. You may need to enable pop-ups on your computer for this to display.

After selecting a plan option, you’ll be asked which dependents you would like include in your healthcare coverage. Click their corresponding checkbox to indicate you want to provide healthcare coverage.

Personal Spending Accounts

You are not required to take any action on this screen. This step is to let you know that flexible spending accounts, health reimbursement accounts and health savings accounts use pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible medical or dependent care expenses. Your employer may offer these options, so contact your HR representative for more information.

Dental and Vision

Dental and Vision plans are included with some plan options, while other plan options are unbundled, meaning you can choose if you want dental and/or vision coverage or not. If dental and vision are not part of your selected medical plan option, you will choose if you want coverage and select covered dependents.

Basic Life

Basic Life coverage is part of the Concordia Disability and Survivor Plan. This benefit is provided by your employer through Securian Financial. The only thing you may be required to do during this step is designate your beneficiaries and their allocations. Also, if applicable, Basic Life coverage may be provided for your spouse and child(ren). This coverage is provided at no additional cost to you.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

You can choose coverage for just yourself as the employee or for your entire family. You will then be able to specify the amount of coverage you want for yourself and for you beneficiaries. If you add a beneficiary, be sure you select them as primary or secondary and designate the percentage allocations.

Step 4: Select and Allocate Your Beneficiaries

After you complete your elections, you will be asked to review your beneficiaries and allocations. Here is where you can add new beneficiaries and allocate them to each applicable benefit.

Once you designate them and their allocation for one benefit, you may choose the “Copy” option to duplicate these beneficiary elections to other benefits.

Beneficiaries for your Concordia Retirement Savings Plan 403(b) account, are managed on the Fidelity website. You can access this website through “Quick Links” on your main portal dashboard.

Step 5: Verification

If you need to provide supplemental documentation based on your Supplemental Life Insurance selections, you will be informed at this step.

Step 6: Review Elections

The “Review Elections” page is a comprehensive list of all your elections.

It is important to note that if an employer cost is listed on this page it represents the full cost of the benefit and a member contribution may be required. If a member cost is listed it represents the full cost of the benefit to the individual member with no additional employer contribution. Some member costs may show as $0.00, but may require a member contribution. Member and employer cost responsibilities vary by LCMS ministry, so please check with your employer if you have any questions on any cost responsibility that will impact your 2019 paycheck deductions.

If everything looks correct, click “Save Elections.” This will prompt you to click “Accept” to confirm. This is your final step!

You can click “Edit” if you want to review or change any elections before submitting.

Step 7: Confirmation

The final screen will be a confirmation statement of all your benefit selections. This indicates that your elections have been submitted and the process is complete in the system. You can print your confirmation statement if you wish to have a copy for your personal records, or you may return to your Benefits Management page after Open Enrollment and reprint a copy by clicking on “Benefit History”.

You may return during Open Enrollment to modify your submitted elections up until 11:59 p.m. CST Nov. 1.

What’s next?
  1. Provide your feedback! Take the survey at the end so we can hear what you think about this new experience!
  2. Go back to your Member Portal Dashboard and explore it! Your current 2018 benefits are already shown for you, along with many other valuable tools and resources to help you maximize use of all the benefits and programs you have available to you. Your 2019 benefits that you selected will not show on your portal until January 2019, when those benefits go into effect.
What do I need to do to view the benefits I selected?

Go to the home page of the Open Enrollment tool and click “Make an Update.”

What if I need to change my benefits later?

If there are any life-changing events or other important changes to your benefits after Open Enrollment, you will be able to access “Benefits Management” through “Quick Links” on your dashboard.

What if after I watch the tutorial video and follow these FAQs I still have questions?

Please call CPS Customer Care at 888-927-7526 between 7 a.m.-5 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday or email

There’s a lot of exciting information at your fingertips when you use the new Open Enrollment tool! Concordia Plan Services is ready to help you get the most out of it.

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