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If you’re a member in the Concordia Health Plan, you have a variety of telehealth benefits that let you access doctors and psychologists without leaving the comfort of your home. Contact a health care expert via computer, smartphone or tablet to get a diagnosis and treatment plan for common illnesses or pains, such as:
  • Flu, skin conditions, allergies
  • Stress, anxiety and other emotional support
  • Chronic pain in the lower back, shoulder, neck, hip, elbow, knee or ankle, or help recovering from surgery
All telehealth providers are board certified and licensed, just like the doctors, therapists and PTs you see in person. A telehealth doctor can even order prescriptions for you.
You will also save money because your telehealth visits are less expensive than traditional office visits or visits to an urgent care or the emergency room – and some are included free as part of your Concordia Health Plan!