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(Questions about initiating retirement or retirement topics in general? 

Call 888-927-7526 or email Customer Care.)

While retirement is different today than the past, the Concordia Retirement Plan pension is still a dependable, valuable benefit for ministry workers. If you are a full-time worker at an enrolled LCMS employer, you are eligible for enrollment in the pension. Once you have vested, you'll be eligible to receive retirement benefits. To see your retirement paycheck, visit Retirement Connection today. 

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Concordia Retirement
Plan Features

Initiating Retirement

The Concordia Retirement Plan is a defined benefit plan, which pays a fixed monthly benefit based on salary and years of participation in the plan. For information about CRP benefits, please see Plan Features above. Retirement Connection is available to view benefits and distribution options as well as initiate retirement benefits.

Active workers can access Retirement Connection via the Member Benefit Portal.

Vested terminated members (an individual who terminates employment and has a vested CRP benefit), can access Retirement Connection directly.

Questions about initiating retirement or retirement topics in general? Call 888-927-7526 or email our Customer Care team.