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Q3 Hydration Challenge – H2O for Your Soul

by Kelly Menke, CPS Health & Wellness Educator
Woman drinking water in the sunlight
Aim to drink 64 oz of water each day – that’s nearly one ounce for every book in the Bible!


Challenge Dates: July 29-Aug. 28

July is HOT! Focusing on proper hydration is necessary to stay healthy and keep enjoying all that summertime has to offer. Why not earn some Vitality points too?!

Here is how it works:

  • Join: the “H2O for Your Soul” Challenge in your Vitality Account under “Challenges” on the app or “Community” on the website (between now and Aug. 28). [Click this image to see a screenshot to see what the challenge looks like in your Vitality Account.]
  • Check-in: Starting July 29-Aug. 28, check-in each day you drink 64 oz of water via the challenge, earning five points each day (for at least 20 days) for a total of up to 100 Bonus Points.

*You will see your awarded points in your Points Statement page under the Social & Spiritual Well-being category. [Click this image to see a screenshot of where your points will show up.]


  • Track your progress with this form (it’s also available within the Challenge.)

*Once you've reached your water intake goal for at least 20 days, submit your tracker to Vitality via the "H2O for Your Soul" tile within the "Wellness Challenges" category in your Points Planner (only one submission accepted).

  • Check-in or Submit your document as proof no later than Aug. 31.

*Completed days within the Challenge period can be tracked after they’ve passed, as long as they are confirmed on or before Aug. 31.


Don’t forget, in addition to the plethora of positive effects from proper hydration, you'll earn 100 Bonus Vitality Points!