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Celebrate National Nutrition Month while earning Vitality rewards

by Wellness Champions, Concordia Plans

Welcome to National Nutrition Month! We’ll be celebrating with a few activities to help teach you the basics of healthy eating and guide you through setting realistic and achievable nutrition goals. Part of our celebration includes earning Vitality Points through:

Nutrition Courses

Complete six educational nutrition courses to help you begin and maintain healthy eating habits. Each course contains multiple units, covering specific healthy eating topics. Once you’ve completed all the units within the course, you’ll have the opportunity to complete a knowledge assessment. Earn 300 points for completing one nutrition course. A maximum of 900 points can be earned throughout the calendar year. Log in to Vitality and click on Resources > Health Resources > Nutrition Courses.

Healthy FYI

Each month Vitality offers a Healthy FYI webcast that focuses on managing health with preventive services and good lifestyle habits. Earn 50 points when you attend a live webcast or watch an on-demand recorded webcast. A maximum of 600 points can be earned throughout the calendar year. Log in to Vitality and click on Resources > Health Resources > Health FYI Webcasts or click here to view a list of all the upcoming webcasts for 2022.


Goal setting is a great way for you to organize your health priorities and help you to focus on forming and maintaining healthy habits. Goals can be set for a variety of wellness focus areas including healthy eating, physical fitness and stress management. Filter available goals based on your health interest within in Vitality and set up your goal parameters including when you want to start and how long you want to track your goal. Earn 30 points per week for checking into your goals. A maximum of 1,500 points can be earned from setting goals. Log in to Vitality and click on Health Profile > Goals.

Vitality offers a variety of opportunities to engage in wellness activities and bust out of Bronze status. Check out the “Points Planner” to learn more about ways to earn rewards through physical fitness, prevention, stress management, spiritual, financial well-being and more!