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Concordia Plans and the LCMS care about how you’re feeling

by Megan Sherman, Health and Wellness Educator

Normal stressors are enough to make us feel like we’re drowning in our emotions or even that we’re alone. You’re never alone. Concordia Plans and the LCMS are here to cover your mental health needs – now and always.

Concordia Plans provides a variety of ways to support the emotional needs of LCMS church workers. How do you know which solution works for you? You can start here. We’ve also provided details about some of these solutions below. For all LCMS church workers, counseling services are available through Cigna’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) whether it’s by phone, virtual visit or in-person.

Telehealth is a great resource when you have a common illness, but did you know you also have the ability to get connected to mental health support? For CHP members, you have 98point6 and telehealth emotional health services available through your medical plan option.

Earn Vitality Points for investing in your mental health! Earn points in Vitality for appointments with a licensed mental health professional. Earn 100 points for each visit, up to 600 points in a calendar year. For pastors and their families, Concordia Plans makes available a special support line called the Pastoral Support Network. This resource connects pastors and their family members to emotional health experts who understand the unique challenges a pastor and his family face. The PSN also provides tools to help them positively cope.

The LCMS also offers resources to LCMS pastors and teachers:

Be sure to also check with your district, circuit or employer for more resources available at the local level or through your ministry.

If you ever feel that you may hurt yourself or someone else, call 911.