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Invite your co-workers to take the National Nutrition Month Challenge

by Megan Sherman, Health and Wellness Educator
National Nutrition Month Crossword

Test your co-workers nutrition knowledge with a fun and challenging crossword puzzle.

Challenge length: One day or one week – it’s up to you!

Participants: This Challenge can be easily done with everyone!

Rules: Complete the crossword puzzle and return to the Wellness Champ by a defined date/time. An answer key is provided to help you determine the winners.

Reward: You can:

  • Award each co-worker who completes the puzzle.
  • Award the co-worker who completes the puzzle the fastest.
  • Put all completers in a drawing for a grand prize. 

Prize ideas:

  • Vitality Points – contact Megan Sherman to learn more.
  • Water bottle.
  • Grocery store gift card.
  • Amazon gift card and encourage purchase towards:
    • Measuring cups.
    • Water bottle.
    • Lunch box.
    • Steamer basket.
    • Storage containers.
    • Blender for healthy smoothies.

 Puzzle Challenge