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Join the Vitality Community

by Megan Sherman, Health and Wellness Educator
Join the Vitality Community

Throughout the year, Concordia Health Plan members are invited to participate in Synod-wide Challenges within Vitality. These challenges are a great way to increase engagement, earn some points and participate in some healthy, friendly competition within the LCMS community. 

To take advantage of these challenge opportunities, complete the following steps. 

1.)   Get Registered.

  • Go to and click “First time logging in? Register now.” Follow the registration steps to get access to the Vitality site. 

2.)   Provide Consent.

  • After logging into Vitality, click “Your Account” followed by “Settings.” Locate the “Consent” tab above your Name and Preferred Phone Number. Answer “Yes” if you’d like to participate in challenges. NOTE: Providing consent does not automatically enroll you into challenges but you will be notified when a challenge is available to join.  

3.)   Sync up.

  • Not all challenges will have a physical activity component but if they do, you’ll need to be synced up to a fitness device or smartphone. From the Vitality home page, click “Devices” to learn more about tracking your workouts through a Vitality-approved fitness device or smartphone. And, don’t forget that you have $100 device subsidy which can be applied at checkout when purchasing a device through Vitality. 

Congratulations! You are now set up to participate in Vitality Challenges, including the Synod-wide Vitality Health Review Challenge, Jan. 1 – Feb. 28.