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Be proud of your 2020 wellness efforts

by Megan Sherman, Health and Wellness Educator
Getting over 2020

For many of us, this year may seem like a blur. So why not start focusing on the future?

Over the next few months I’ll be sharing with you tips and planning exercises to help you start preparing for your 2021 wellness program. Before getting started, I suggest having a notebook (physical or electronic) or a few pieces of paper handy that you’ll use to write down your thoughts, reflections and ideas. These notes will come in handy as we continue to build on our plans next month. Don’t worry, this isn’t an exam, there are no right or wrong answers or “correct” way to complete these exercises.

This month we’re reflecting and celebrating your previous wellness program efforts. First and foremost, you deserve recognition and celebration for all your hard work and accomplishments. We often rush from month to month, racing from goal to goal and focusing on the failures rather than celebrating even the smallest of wins or attempts. Another impact of celebration is learning. By recalling effective efforts you’re also taking away key learnings so that you can continue to build your program on those successes.    

Take the next 10 minutes to recognize and identify the wellness program, effort or communication that stood out to you the most in 2020. You may think of one or a few immediately. If you have trouble, go back through your calendar or emails to help jog your memory. Next, write down the top three things that make you proud. Some examples may include:

  • the number of individuals that participated in a program/challenge/event, collaboration of team members or other Wellness Champions.
  • an effective communication strategy.
  • the smiles it put on co-workers faces.
  • the various wellness components that workers benefited from (physical, emotional, spiritual).

Finally, take a moment to pat yourself on your back! There’s no effort too small when it comes to helping take care of yourself, co-workers and their families. Celebrating these 2020 wins is the start to building an even more successful 2021.