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Grand Rounds finds answers to health and wellness needs

by Megan Sherman, Health and Wellness Educator
To Do List

Whether you’ve new co-workers joining your team or existing co-workers that are in a sudden health situation, Grand Rounds could be a good resource for them.

Grand Rounds is free with Concordia Health Plan benefits. Your co-workers can use it to find the best personalized wellness solution available through the CHP, as well as:

  • Find the best doctors in their area and throughout the country.
  • Get second opinions from world-leading medical experts without having to leave their homes.
  • Locate in-network health care facilities based on their plan option’s network.
  • Schedule doctor’s appointments so they can take care of the other things on their to-do list.
  • Connect them with a doctor when they need to talk.

Every recommendation Grand Rounds makes is based on your co-workers’ needs, what they prefer, their comfort level. Connect your co-workers to the Grand Rounds expert medical network today. Visit or call 866-357-9819.