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Vitality gym workout solution extended

by Megan Sherman, Health and Wellness Educator
Girl working out in gym

Vitality wants to provide members with the opportunity to earn Vitality points by completing at home workouts while some gym and fitness centers remain closed because of COVID-19.

At-home workouts: March – September. Vitality is allowing at-home workouts to count as a standard gym workout worth 10 points daily. To submit a home workout, simply:

    • Navigate to the Gym Workout page on the website by going to Your Account > Forms and Waivers > Gym Workout > Enter “Home” in the Name of Gym field OR
    • Navigate to the Gym Workout page on the Vitality Today app by going to Submit Activity > Gym Workout > Enter “Home” in the Name of Health Club field.
    • Submit a screenshot of the workout app or video you completed, or simply submit a selfie of yourself working out at home in order to earn Vitality Points!