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The Vitality Community wants you to join!

by Megan Sherman, Health and Wellness Educator
Walking a dog and riding a bike illustration

Have you ever participated in a Synod-wide Vitality Challenge? These challenges are a great way to earn Vitality Points while having some healthy, friendly competition within the LCMS community.

If you’re up for the challenge, get ready by:

  1. Getting registered.
    • Go to and click “First time logging in? Register now.” Follow the registration steps to access Vitality.
  2. Providing consent.
    • After logging into Vitality, click “Your Account” followed by “Settings.” Locate the “Consent” tab. Answer “Yes” if you’d like to participate in Challenges. NOTE: Providing consent does not automatically enroll you in Challenges, but you will be notified when a Challenge is available to join.
  3. Syncing up.
    • Not all Challenges will have a physical activity component, but if they do, you’ll need to be synced up to a fitness device or smartphone. From the Vitality home page, click “Devices” to learn more about tracking your workouts through a Vitality approved fitness device or smartphone. Don’t forget! You have $100 device subsidy which can be applied at checkout when purchasing a device through Vitality.

Congratulations! You are now set up to participate in Vitality Challenges. The next Synod-wide Challenge is just around the corner. Look for more information about the Mental Well-Being Review Challenge coming in May!