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Go for Gold in 2020! (Part 3 of 3)

by Megan Sherman, Health and Wellness Educator
Sitting on top of a gold trophy illustration
(Did you miss Part 1 and/or 2? No worries, go back here to see Part 1 or here to see Part 2!)

We’re 60 days into “Going for Gold.” For our third and final month, you have some choices to make – how will you fill in your “electives” to finish getting to Gold?

AnyComplete verified workouts:
3 standard workouts per week = 30 pts x 4
3 light workouts per week = 15 pts x 460
AnyComplete weekly bible study
Week 9-12 (35 pts each week)
AnyAttend/ view first quarter Vitality Health FYI webcast30 Minutes50 
AnyRun a retirement projection with Retirement ConnectionUpload proof to your Vitality account using the Vitality Today app10 Minutes50 
AnyComplete 3 action sets 150 
AnyComplete 3 Interactive tools 225 
AnyPlay Vitality Squares2 Minutes30 
(select as applicable to you for a minimum of 475 points)
Grand Rounds registration (points awarded once per lifetime)200
Dental screening200
Nutrition Course300
Virta application (for type 2 diabetics only)100
Naturally Slim – weekly lesson completion
Lessons 2/24 -3/30; 5 points each week x 6
Eye exam200
CPR certification (via American Red Cross or American Heart Association)125
First Aid Certification (via American Red Cross or American Heart Association)125
 Total Points | Month 3825 + electives  

Month 11,890
Month 22,810
Month 3825 + 475 in electives
Total Points6,000 + = GOLD STATUS
Gold Status starts at 6,000 points (individual); 9,000 points (family/ spouses)

This is how each month may look for you.

Are you learning just how easy Vitality can be? And maybe seeing that it’s a little fun, too? Stay in your groove–watching out for Synod-wide Challenges, webcasts and maybe even employer-sponsored events where you can continue to earn in 2020. Plus, all of those points you’re accruing to move you through status levels is racking up points for you to spend. How will you reward yourself when you get to Gold?