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Take the Vitality Health Review Challenge

by Megan Sherman, Health and Wellness Educator
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Our goal this year is to see how many LCMS workers we can get to Gold status within Vitality. It’s easier than most think!

This month, we’re hosting a Synod-wide challenge to simply complete the Vitality Health Review. The VHR is a 10-minute, subjective assessment of your health that asks about lifestyle habits and your biometric numbers, such as blood pressure, cholesterol, HDL, etc. This helps the program to understand your health risks so it can start individualizing the program for you!

2020 Synod-wide VHR Challenge (Jan. 1-31)
Vitality Health Review (VHR)500 points
First 90 days bonus+250 points
Challenge bonus*+500 points
TOTAL for completing VHR before Jan. 31, 20201250 points

* This is an individual challenge (no teams). To earn the Challenge bonus points, you must:

1) Log into your Vitality account.

2) Join the Challenge under the Community tab.

3) Accept the Rules of the Road.

4) Complete the VHR before Jan. 31, 2020 to earn your bonus Vitality points.

(Points to be awarded after Feb. 5, 2020.)