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Go for Gold in 2020! (Part 1 of 3)

by Megan Sherman, Health and Wellness Educator
Gold medal

Last year, we encouraged LCMS workers to Shoot for Silver, and boy, did we ever! By September, we were well on our way – 26.5% of LCMS workers at Silver Status or higher. That’s the highest ever! Well, this year, we’re marching past silver, and we’re going to Go for Gold!

The Vitality Team has learned the higher the status someone has the more they get out of the program (namely in regards to lowering their health risks, but also in rewards!). Hopefully, by now, you’re seeing that being healthy (and reaping the rewards) is 100% doable and actually kind of fun!

Over the next few weeks and months, you’ll learn from these monthly emails and online learning events that it’s not only possible, but it’s easy to reach Gold status! How to get to Gold will be broken down month-by-month and often will entail activities you’re already doing for a variety of parts of your wellness.

Your homework: Complete this month’s checklist. Then celebrate and look for more steps to come in next month’s email!

90 Days to Gold! | Month 1

1Get registered5 minutes
1Vitality Health Review

  • First 90-day bonus
  • January Challenge bonus

(You must register for the Challenge and complete the VHR prior to Jan. 31.)

10 minutes

5 Minutes




1Order a fitness device (if needed)

  • $100 fitness device subsidy available
  • Enroll in Active Rewards for a weekly exercise goal and the chance to earn even more points when you reach it!
10 minutes
2Vitality Mental Health Review – all 3 parts10 minutes225
3Vitality Physical Activity Review10 minutes250
3Schedule Vitality Health Check through Quest or at your Primary Care Physician’s Office5 minutes
7Connect your fitness device to account once it arrives10 minutes
7+Complete weekly Bible study

  • Week 1-4 (35 pts each week)
14Play Vitality Squares2 minutes30
Total Points | Month 11895